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Topic: Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?

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    Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?

    My new studio PC is Athlon 64-bit and won't run Giga. I would like to link old computer to run Giga2 with this. What is the cheapest/easiest way to do this? What specific hardware/software is required? Is there a site where I can read up on this?
    Can anyone who is doing this chime in on their setup?

    Thanks in Advance everybody!


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    Re: Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?

    I'm running two PCs, one dedicated to Giga 3.0.
    You will need a sound card on your Giga PC as well as a midi interface.
    Some sound cards come with a built in midi interface consisting of usually
    one port. A seperate hard drive for your samples is a great idea if you want to build up a lot of tracks. If you are using an older PC to run Giga, latency can be an issue.
    Generally in my experience the faster the processor the less chance of having any kind of glitching in the sound when changing the buffer size to accomodate the latency. When you are plugged into your sequencer midi-wise
    the midi out port should be plugged into your Giga midi in port. That way whatever you are sequencing is going into both computers at the same time allowing you to record the midi info and trigger Giga samples at the same time.
    If sequencing many tracks of instruments on your Giga machine causes CPU choking, having a digital out on your sound card will help. A digital connection into your sequencing machine will allow you to sequence a track and then transfer it to your sequencing machine and free up resources on your Giga machine.

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    Re: Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?

    The old PC is an Athlon 1600 with 784MB of ram. I used it with Giga 2.54 and 32 polyphony before with no problem. Separate hard drive in place as well. I might try the onboard soundcard and see if it works.

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    Re: Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?

    I know that Tascam says GS3 "isn't supported" on 64-bit processors, but many have had good success on the Athlon64s. Did you try to install on your new machine? If not, you may find that it works.

    One way to setup two machines is to have good soundcards in each machine, and to send them to an outboard mixer that feeds your monitors. When it's time to mix down, capture-to-wave from GS3, then use a network connection to copy the waves from the Giga PC to the sequencer/DAW PC.

    If you don't like the external mixer solution, you can connect the audio out from the Giga PC to an audio in on the DAW - assuming that you have enough I/O on your soundcards. As mentioned above, go with digital audio connections, if possible.

    Most inexpensive soundcards don't have enough MIDI I/O. (GS3 Orch supports 8 ports.) You can use MIDIoverLAN from musiclabs.com to connect MIDI between the PCs.

    There's also a Giga VST wrapper solution and VST Teleport that lets you set all of your connections over the LAN. You will need Gigabit Ethernet to make it work. From what I've read, it's a bit buggy right now, but hopefully that will be resolved soon, if it's not resolved already. http://www.fx-max.com

    Lots of viable options, depending on how you want to work and how much money you want to spend.


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    Re: Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?


    Thanks for the encouragement about trying GS3. My first attempt at installing was interesting. I could never get it to open.....opening it would just cause a hang that required a hard reboot. Is there a process I should take in trying this again? What tweaks would you recommend trying?

    I am using Giga with Sonar 3.1.

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    Re: Easiest way to hook up 2nd PC?


    While it is definitely possible that GS is falling over on load, I've found that when a new install of Gigastudio starts for the first time, the Quicksound component indexes files on your drive/s which are relevant to Gigastudio (eg those with .wav extensions). If you have a lot of files on you drive, this can take quite a while and the PC can appear to stop responding - it even says so in the task manager window - although this isn't actually the case, it's just that Quicksound is getting in the way of everything else. When this happens, usually just leaving it alone will mean that eventually Quicksound finishes and GS continues through the rest of the boot process. If that's not acceptable, go into the configuration manager and restrict the Quicksound indexing.

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