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Topic: Giga 3 & Sonar

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    Question Giga 3 & Sonar

    I'm a Cakewalk/Sonar veteran but a bit of a newbie when it comes to soft samplers. I've obviously tried the bundled Vsampler within Sonar but was never very impressed with it and the saga of the manual........
    Basically I'm thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing Giga3 but before I do I would really appreciate any advice fellow forum members wouldn't mind passing on.
    Initially I'll be running Giga 3 on the same PC as Sonar3 (P4 2.4, 1gig Ram, 2x80gig drives,Win XP, Delta 1010) in Rewire mode. What kind of performanace/stability could I expect from this setup?
    It's a shame Tascam do not provide a downloadable demo. I've checked out NI's Kontakt, which I was generally impressed with but Giga seems to be the choice of pro users....I think :-)
    Once again any advice before I part with the cash would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


    Sorry...just done a forum search (Doh!!!) and found some interesting posts on the subject. However I'd still be interested in hearing of any other Giga3/Sonar users experiences.
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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    Hi Stewart,

    Your system looks ideal for a GS3 system. As long as you have no weak links (under-rated power supply, cheap RAM or crummy mainboard), you should be good to go.

    My system (AMD) is in the same ballpark as yours, performance-wise. I run Sonar 3 on the same machine as GS3 Orchestra, and I can get 256 voices when holding the sustain pedal and hammering on the ivories. That's 128 stereo voices. It would likely be less with some giant percussion piece with lots of hits at the same time. I can also run two GigaPulse instances reliably. Another measure is how big an orchestra you can load. I can load up all of the Vienna Giga Symphony, plus the PMI Bos 290 demo and still have room for more samples.

    One caveat, I'm not running in ReWire mode at this time. It's possible that Rewire will have some CPU costs, but I'm not sure how much, if any.

    I may go back to GS 3.00 to get rid of the stuck notes problem. You really want 3.02 for a Rewire setup. If you run your articulations on separate tracks, it's no problem. If you do program changes on the tracks (as I do), then you risk getting some stuck notes with 3.01 and 3.02.

    Hopefully 3.03 will be out soon and we can get no stuck notes and Rewire at the same time.

    In the meantime, running standalone works just fine. You can still make great music quickly without Rewire.


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    Question Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    Hi Jon
    many thanks for your reply.
    One thing I don't understand. You mentioned you were running Sonar and Giga together on the same machine but not in Rewire mode. How do you manage this? My understanding is that you would have to use GSIF audio drivers, however I thought these were not compatiable with Sonar.

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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    I have a Sonar 3 and a P4 2.4, 2 gig ram system and I set GigaStudio 3 Solo on it yesterday. All in all the rewire thing seems to work just fine without costing to much CPU real estate. Of course I haven't really dived into a project and I haven't aquired a high quality grand piano which I plan for Giga's main use. That and a really top notch acoustic guitar library. VSampler is me main work horse. I love it. I'll let you know how it goes as I progress with it. First impression... it works together pretty easily.

    William F. Turner

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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    Most GSIF cards offer many driver interfaces: ASIO, WDM, PureWave, GSIF...

    I use the Echo MIA. It has four virtual outputs. Sonar can connect to one using WDM or whatever at the same time that Giga uses an output in GSIF mode. You just point the audio software at an output and it uses the driver interface that it understands. This is the way it's always worked with GS2.5 and earlier. Rewire is new for 3.0.

    Note that for audio outputs there is no change from GSIF 1.0 to GSIF 2.0.


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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    Thanks for explaining the audio drivers issue Jon.
    Thanks also for your input William. Keep me posted. I noticed your using the solo edition. I've yet to decide which version to get. As I already have Garritans PO I might go for the ensemble edition. Apart from the piano can any one infrom me what other samples are shipped with the ensemble version?


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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    Here's the full list...



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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    "One caveat, I'm not running in ReWire mode at this time. It's possible that Rewire will have some CPU costs, but I'm not sure how much, if any."

    I've been using GS3 in Rewire mode with SONAR 4 quite a bit. If there is any CPU hit, I can't tell.

    It is SO NICE!

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    Re: Giga 3 & Sonar

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Here's the full list...


    Once again cheers Jon. I obviously wasn't looking hard enough!
    This sure is a friendly forum

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