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Topic: Aftertouch Vibrato Anyone?

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    Question Aftertouch Vibrato Anyone?

    I haven't been able to get this to work for me. Just curious if anyone else has.

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    Re: Aftertouch Vibrato Anyone?

    Hrm. Are you using CC# 17 and CC# 131 together in conjunction? This isn't available in all instruments. Which woodwind are you trying to do this with?

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    Re: Aftertouch Vibrato Anyone?

    I've tried with lots of different woodwinds, flutes, oboes. I've enabled the feature in sonar for midi aftertouch. My keyboard supports it. I see it appear in the midi tracks when I press harder. But no effect. Maybe my trusty old Ensoniq TS-10 isn't sending the right midi info.

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    Re: Aftertouch Vibrato Anyone?

    Aha - Ensoniq TS-10? Are you sending poly-aftertouch? Try switching to mono aftertouch.

    I'll quit now before launching into a rant bemoaning the lack of poly-aftertouch implementation on so many instruments. Biggest reason I'm not letting go of MY TS-10!


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    Smile Re: Aftertouch Vibrato Anyone?

    Yep Eric That was the problem. Works now. Thanks for pointing that out.

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