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Topic: Yet Another Reason for the World to Hate the U.S.

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    Yet Another Reason for the World to Hate the U.S.

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    Here is the quick summary:
    - The CIA doesn't want to abide by the Geneva Conventions (specifically Article 49 of the fourth Geneva Convention)
    - They get the Justice Department to write a "feel free to ignore it memo"
    - the memo itself includes the note "by the way, what I am allowing you to do is a war crime under U.S. Federal law -- just thought you should know..."

    The 1949 treaty notes that a violation of this particular provision constitutes a "grave breach" of the accord, and thus a "war crime" under U.S. federal law, according to a footnote in the Justice Department draft. "For these reasons," the footnote reads, "we recommend that any contemplated relocations of 'protected persons' from Iraq to facilitate interrogation be carefully evaluated for compliance with Article 49 on a case by case basis."
    Another shining example of the Bush Administration's pledge to "spread freedom and democracy" throughout the world!!!

    P.S. - At the beginning of the Iraq war, when Iraq had captured a few U.S. soldiers, didn't I hear the U.S. warning Iraq that THEY had better adhere to the Geneva Conventions?

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    Re: Yet Another Reason for the World to Hate the U.S.

    This kind of thing just infuriates me.

    Someone here recently accused Kerry of being an "internationalist", meaning they were accusing him of including the world, and not simply the interests of this country in considering global issues.

    The Bush administration ignores the rest of the world, and many of us, in formulating policy to meet its goals. Their goals, in this regard, are (damn it, I'm going to use the word) evil.

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