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Topic: VSL Users: using the performance tool

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    Exclamation VSL Users: using the performance tool


    I just purchased Opus 1 and am trying to work my way around in it and get the hang of the performance tool. I managed to get it working with the clarinet... I loaded in the Clarinet Perf-Leg. .pal file from the Opus 1 toolset, switched 'Thru' to Hor-Legato and I thought it worked. I tried the same with the Cello perf-legato: loaded the Cello Ensemble Perf-legato .pal file, changed Thru to Hor-Legato. I loaded up a portamento sample and played, but I got no portamento. All the keyswitches in the sample sound like portamento, and yet when I play, nothing.

    What am I doing wrong, and how can I make sure this thing is working and that I am making it work correctly?


    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: VSL Users: using the performance tool

    You should send this in the VSL forum ...

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    Budleigh Salterton

    Re: VSL Users: using the performance tool

    Have you tried using the mod-wheel on this patch?

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    Re: VSL Users: using the performance tool

    I dont know what sampler your running Opus 1 on (Giga or EXS) but make sure you have the most recent performance tool (the tool for EXS was upgraded earlier this month). If your still having problems, post away!

    Here is a link to the VSL forums: http://vsl.co.at/english/pages/forum/start/forum.htm

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