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Topic: When's the next GPO Chat session?

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    When's the next GPO Chat session?

    Well, the topic says it all. I always seem to miss these due to high school freakin' football games. (My wife is a band director, which naturally makes me the gopher, assistant director and percussion instructor. Not too mention problem solver, bus driver deal with-er and all around go to man! Yep that's me. I'm a man of many parts!) But lo and behold, this Friday is the last one for the season. HALLELUIA!!!

    So, bring on those chat sessions!

    Laura - "Jon, let's go. We have to be at school in twenty minutes."
    Me - "Woman, can't you see I'm chatin' with the GPO community?!"
    Laura - I... said... NOW!!!!!! (As her eys turn red and flames shoot up around her!)
    Me (in a small, child-like voice) - Yes, ma'am!"

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

    "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead." - Igor Stravinsky

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    Re: When's the next GPO Chat session?

    The next chat will be this Friday.

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