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Topic: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

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    Question OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Hi there,

    I have a new client that wants some 'East Coast Hip-Hop' underscore.

    Of course, I told him, yea no problem - The problem is - I have no idea how that is different that what we hear today.

    Does anyone have an mp3 short example of this style.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Listen to some Lil John & the Eastside Boys, Ludacris, Outkast, Bubba Sparxxx, Missy Elliot, etc for the type of feeling.

    www.launch.com plays music videos of all of these artists plus other mainstream genre's. I hope this helps. I understand the vibe the guy is going for, though. It is mostly some Timbabland-ish beats and sounds. To give you an idea, Timbaland also produced Justin Timberlake (although it is more pop than hip-hop).

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    The Artists in the last post are more southern than east coast. As far as beats go from the east coast, I would recommend Jay-z, Mobb Deep, Jada Kiss, and DMX. I do beats if ya want to buy some and pass them to your client www.big-beats.com


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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Hey thanks alot guys for the education. I wouldn't know what was north or south of the mason dixon line appropiate (I am not sure my Director will either - if it is just good.)

    Has anyone played with the 'Nukool' stuff? Would that be close (i have that title

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Rob - definetly check out some Jay-Z, pick up his "Black Album" - it is worth it, I was jamming to it in the car today.

    Lil Jon is crunk and most likely not what the director was looking for.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Thanks a ton Alan.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    I produce hip-hop in addition to a lot of other genres. I promise you that if somebody is wanting something other than "West-coast" they are wanting some of the artists I was telling you about. Yes, it is southern. It is also the current staple for hip-hop on the east-coast. The "NU" sample series should have what you are looking for. The Nu Groove RnB (a couple of years old now) was made almost entirely off of Timbaland beats (just not the same samples). Mostly, like I said, goto launch.com and check out the videos of some of the artists I mentioned. The only think that you would want to avoid if the director is not looking for a southern-style, is a voice like Chingy. Nelly is okay though. To give you a better idea, the EA Games title "Need for Speed Underground" used the "east-coast" sounds, but it was comprised of Lil John as the title track. The same music was also the track for Usher's first release off of his latest album. Southern?.......I don't think you can qualify Usher as a true southern boy or Lil John either. They are East Coast.

    Don't get me wrong - I am not your stereotypical hip-hop producer. My main drive is Country, Christian, & Orchestral (a big difference than hip-hop). However, I have had my fair share of hip-hop artists to work with and can identify very well for this piece. From what it sounds like, you need beats and not complete songs with vocals on them. This is why I recommended you these artists. Listen to the music and the beats. This defines East-Coast. Southern is just the voice and lyrical content on the track.

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Thanks jkerr for the additional feeback and advice.

    I have the latest Nu Skool and Stylus (with the Chaos RMX feature coming out this week) - I should have all I need for one 2.5 minute underscore cue, don't you think?

    I did one small job recently using Nu Skool with orchestral elements and the director loved it. To keep with the 'east coast' sound could I do this kind of thing or should it be more of a 'synthy' 'tweaked' sound?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    I think some of it should have some synthy parts. However, strings (stacattos and marcattos) are good for a rhythmic melody with hip-hop. And then there are times that it calls for one long drawn out string note per measure (or a couple more per measure). Jay-Z, as some have mentioned , uses a heavy big-band sound for the hook. The secret now (and most people doing hip hop do not realize this) is to take ethnic/asian/middle-eastern samples. Jay-Z has been heavily experimenting with this recently.

    Here is Timbaland's secret - and I feel okay sharing this hear because most people only do orchestral: He sends his intern down the street to a "world music" type of store and has him buy $100 worth of Indian/Asian/Middle-Eastern/Celtic cds. All he does is take some sounds he likes off of those. Maybe he distorts/processes them some depending on the situation. Maybe he uses a drum sound throughout. Maybe he hears a cool flute riff he likes. All he does is loop it thorough the song. That is the secret. He does more to it than that, but that is the jist of it.

    My advice is to stick with the Nu Skool and use some strings and "breathy/airy" synth sounds. Also, go spend $10-$15 on an interesting ethnic cd (but don't spend too much time picking it out - that is the fun in it) and take some samples you like off of it and use it throughout to add a little flair. I am really curious to hear how this turns out though. You may not be getting paid enough to go spend $10-$15 on a cd for it. Maybe bill the director for it. Maybe it is worth the experiment. Let me know how it goes. Hope this helped. Sorry about the long post.

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    Re: OT: "East Coast Hip-Hop" example??

    Hey jkerr,

    Many thanks for the excellent 'insider' ideas on Hip-Hop productions, I had no idea. You mentioned enthic - wow, this cue takes place in a sort of 'satire / comic' scenario in a Korean battlefield (I know, very odd). It will be underscore for a scene that has fighting going but the focus is on some satire happening the same time. So the enthic thing will really work (particularily if I can find more of an Asian CD).

    You say these are available at a record store? Any Asian CD's come to mind?

    Thanks in advance.

    Rob Elliott Music

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