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Topic: Problems Loading 2.5 performances in GS3

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    Cool Problems Loading 2.5 performances in GS3

    I am not able to load any of my previous performances that I did in 2.5 in GS3. Is anyone else having this problem? I loaded a few of them and they worked at first, but now the title of the performance shows up but it doesn't load the samples. New performances saved in GS3 work fine except when inserting Freeverb VSt it always reverts to bypass when reloading. If anyone has found a way to make things work I'm all ears.

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    Re: Problems Loading 2.5 performances in GS3

    I had a bunch of projects in progress when I switched from 2.54 to 3 so I made backups of all of them just in case. So far, they've all opened in GS3 fine. But I still keep the backups.


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