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Topic: Early Music

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    Early Music

    i posted this under virtual instruments first but i suppose it really belongs here
    now i've beem looking around for samples of early instruments(renaissamce/medieval) and so far all i've found is one collection called "early patches". and although it looks reasonable i was hoping that someone here could point me in the direction of some other collections. i'm looking for something kontakt compatible or even wav files and i'll process them myself.
    thanks in advance

    mick ó c

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    Re: Early Music

    The 'Early Patches' set is one of the first that I ever bought. I got a lot of use out of it back then, but hardly ever use it anymore. I guess I've become spoiled with all of the incredible stuff that has been coming out lately. Early Patches just doesn't have the kind of detail that I've come to expect... there aren't different articulations, and if I remember correctly the instruments have only one or two velocities.

    I remember hearing demos of a recorder set by Worra (?). I thought they sounded great, and I meant to get them someday. Can't seem to find a link though.

    Here is a set that I had bookmarked:
    I guess I never considered getting that one... seems a bit expensive.
    Maybe it's worth that price, but there's no way to tell with the limited info given and no audio samples available.

    You can download a free crumhorn here:

    I know that I downloaded a free viol soundfont at one point. It wasn't anything great, but if you want I can look around for it and get it to you somehow.

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    Re: Early Music

    The SAM freebie percussion stuff is great for early music as is the Kirk Hunter solo strings and the Westgate Recorder.
    The World Winds Library from Illio has some great bagpipes as well.
    Here is a short mock up using these...
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    Re: Early Music

    thanks a lot! i will give these my attention this weekend.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Early Music

    I just remembered one more:

    The Best of Bolder, from Boldersounds, has a renaissance lute, renaissance guitar, harpsichord, 13 course baroque lute, celtic harp, a couple of different bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, and various percussion that might work well in early music. Looks like a nice collection.


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    Re: Early Music

    Early Patches is a great disc. But it's still from the AKAI age...
    It would be great to see one of the big developers aiming on a library with only medieval/renaissance instruments.
    Hawkes > thx for pointing me to Bolder.

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