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Topic: I Need Help Please!!!

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    Question I Need Help Please!!!

    Hi all,

    I have a new 3.4 ghz P4 with 3 gigs of ram an 1 HD here at work. They are buying me 2 more drives. I read somewhere (here most likely) that a DAW should have 3 drives. 1 for the OS and programs (Cubase, etc.), 1 for the samples (Gold, etc) and then one to record to.

    My system at home only has two drives (1 for OS, progams and samples) and 1 to record to. This configuration seems to work fine.

    The question is, do I really need 3 drives or can I get away with two? I sure could use the other drive in my 3D workstation.

    Any thoughts?

    All the very best,


    PS Do all VST's allow you to install the program on one drive and then the library on another? I know you can do it with Gold and Atmosphere but i'd hate to use up 1 drive on only a couple of programs. Seeing as this computer is pretty darn robust will I be OK with only 2?

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    Re: I Need Help Please!!!

    You might be better off with disk 1 for the OS and recording and disk 2 for samples. The heads on the sample drives really go nuts. Unless you do a lot of audio tracks, the audio drive doesn't get banged around quite so much.


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    Re: I Need Help Please!!!

    Hi Darren,

    It's hard to say. If you work the same way that you do on your home system, then you've answered your question already. If you need to do more, it will greatly depend on how many audio tracks you'll be recording/playing back simultaneously whislt streaming samples from your hard drives. It really depends on your requirements and how hard you will need to push the hard drive capabilities.

    BTW, most of the VSTi's that are sample-based (that I have tried anyhow) will allow you to install the samples to another drive. I probably wouldn't worry too much. Perhaps if you list the ones that you have or plan to use, we can give you a more detailed reply on that front.

    Good luck with your new system.


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    Re: I Need Help Please!!!

    Jon and FV,

    Thanks for the info. As far as software that I have, here's the list:

    Cubase SL
    EWQL Gold
    Halion 3
    Plugsound Box
    Ultra Focus
    Extreme FX
    EthnoWorld 2

    All the very best,


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