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Topic: burger king dumps sinclair

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    burger king dumps sinclair

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    from newsblues .com

    In a rebuke of Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to air a politically controversial program featuring part of a documentary criticizing Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's Vietnam War record, Burger King Wednesday said it "will not permit" its ads to run during Sinclair's broadcast.

    "Burger King Corporation does not endorse any candidate or political party," said the Fast Food marketer's statement. "This action will only affect one day of advertising in a total of nine local markets in which the Company had previously scheduled local media advertising."

    The move came a day after Sinclair decided only to air portions of the documentary in a "news special" being prepared by the company's headquarters, which has mollified Kerry and even Sinclair investors. Sinclair stock rose 12.6 percent yesterday, to close at $7.05. Before The Los Angeles Times reported the Sinclair plans two weekends ago, the stock closed at $7.50 on Oct. 8.

    Meanwhile, the producer of the film, "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Don't Heal," which presents former prisoners of war denouncing Kerry's statements against the Vietnam War, said he was disappointed that the film might not be seen as fully as he had hoped.

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    Re: burger king dumps sinclair

    For once, "big business" works like it supposed to work -- YEA!!!

    - Sinclair execs think they can use their stations as a political tool

    - advertisers respond by pulling ads (most companies are apolitical because the want to sell to everyone. Can you imagine Burger King or McDonalds saying "I only want Dems buying burgers"?)

    - investors respond by dumping the stock and filing a lawsuit charging mismangement (in this case the investors MAY be political, but they don't want that to impact the stock price)

    - Sinclair tries to "backpedal" as much as they can, but most of the damage is irreversible

    And to think Sinclair might have been able to avoid this if they classified the show as "political commentary", instead of trying to pass it off as "news".

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