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Topic: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

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    Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

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    I used to love the old Mission Impossible show. Half of the IMF (Impossible Mission Forces) team would assume fake identities and work their way into the inner circle of some corrupt leader. The other half would work behind the scenes and plant evidence or use technical tricks to back up their story. As soon as the target swallowed the bait, the IMF team would disappear. IMF would always end up getting the result they wanted - without pulling a single trigger.

    That was a TV show in the '60s. It seems that we've had a remake in the 21st century - only this time it's real. This time around it isn't Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) and the Impossible Mission Forces (IMF). Instead it's Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress (INC). The US didn't launch this mission. Iran did. And Bush and the neocons got duped.

    Think about it. Iran went to war with Iraq, spent millions, lost thousands of troops and had nothing to show for it. So instead of defeating Saddam by initiating a new war, they fought a war by proxy. They defeated Saddam without buying weapons or losing a drop of blood. They can thank Ahmed Chalabi - the double agent who scammed the neocons. His scam was so brilliant that his operation even got funding from Congress. Had he not been caught passing administration-supplied US secrets to Iran, he would have been first in line for the presidency of a US-controlled Iraq!

    So, where did the US get the information that Iraq had WMDs and connections to al Qaeda? Chalabi, of course. He fed the neocons (and the NY Times) exactly what they wanted to hear. The administration bought this claptrap while they ignored the weapons inspectors and US intelligence itself. Just look at how they treated Joseph Wilson for debunking bogus information.

    BTW, the 9-11 Commission confirmed that Iran has had connections to al Qaeda since 1991. I wonder how many of the secrets that the Bush administration willingly gave to Chalabi ended up in al Qaeda's hands? Nice job, George.

    I have good news for people who want war against Iran. That's exactly what this war has morphed into. Initially it was against the Ba'athists. Now it's against Iraq's Shia majority. Iran supports the Shias. Why wouldn't they? Iran is 90% Shia. Goodbye Saddam, hello theocracy.

    Iran now has half of their reward - Saddam and the Ba'athists are history. If the Shias can take control, Iran gets all of the marbles. A few hundred tons of explosives in Shia hands makes their job even easier. I wonder if the location of the explosives was part of the info leaked to Chalabi?

    Face it, the neocons have been scammed to a level beyond anything the Mission Impossible writers ever imagined.

    Maybe that's why Hasan Rowhani, the head of Iran's security council, recently told the media that Tehran endorses the re-election of George W. Bush. They don't want a smart guy like Kerry running the country. They want a patsy like Bush - a man who can fall for the scam of the century and be too stupid to realize it. No mistakes, George? C'mon.

    I don't think that the Mission Impossible team ever purposefully left the corrupt leader in power to setup a future, bigger plot. It's an episode that I hope that we will never see.


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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    Well, once again, you hardcore-ists can back off your explosive conspiracies, as they are now saying the weapon timeline is all messed up, and were probably already gone before the war started.

    Way to shotgun-blast that NY times story though! It's amazing how you guys can jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts.
    Eric Doggett
    MoonDog Media

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    And it's amazing how anything can be spun.

    By the way, the story I heard on NPR is that UN weapons inspectors were furious, because they had been keeping an eye on the explosives before the war started. None of us is in a position to know what to believe, but to me that sounds very credible.

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Doggett
    Well, once again, you hardcore-ists can back off your explosive conspiracies, as they are now saying the weapon timeline is all messed up, and were probably already gone before the war started.
    Wrong. That's merely the White House spin. Check this out from the Washington Post:

    No Check of Bunker, Unit Commander Says

    Published: October 27, 2004

    White House officials reasserted yesterday that 380 tons of powerful explosives may have disappeared from a vast Iraqi military complex while Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq, saying a brigade of American soldiers did not find the explosives when they visited the complex on April 10, 2003, the day after Baghdad fell.

    But the unit's commander said in an interview yesterday that his troops had not searched the site and had merely stopped there overnight.

    The commander, Col. Joseph Anderson, of the Second Brigade of the Army's 101st Airborne Division, said he did not learn until this week that the site, Al Qaqaa, was considered sensitive, or that international inspectors had visited it before the war began in 2003 to inspect explosives that they had tagged during a decade of monitoring.

    Colonel Anderson, who is now the chief of staff for the division and who spoke by telephone from Fort Campbell, Ky., said his troops had been driving north toward Baghdad and had paused at Al Qaqaa to make plans for their next push.

    "We happened to stumble on it,'' he said. "I didn't know what the place was supposed to be. We did not get involved in any of the bunkers. It was not our mission. It was not our focus. We were just stopping there on our way to Baghdad. The plan was to leave that very same day. The plan was not to go in there and start searching. It looked like all the other ammunition supply points we had seen already."

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    Way to go, Eric. I wrote ten paragraphs about the connection to Iran, and I included two sentences (one speculative) about the missing explosives. Then you use terms like "hardcore-ists", "explosive conspiracies", and "shotgun-blast" because of a sub-topic!

    Any comments about the scam by Iranian spy Chalabi and his front organization, the INC?

    Here are some facts:
    * The INC received about $33 million from the US government between March 2000 and May 2003
    * Chalabi passed bogus information about Iraq to US officials.
    * The Bush administration used this bogus information in selling the war
    * The Bush administration gave US secrets to Chalabi
    * Chalabi passed US secrets to Iran
    * Iran has had ties to al Qaeda since 1991

    As usual, the Bush administration has held no one of high stature accountable. Not for the bogus WMD claims. Not for leaking the identity of a CIA agent. Not for Abu Graib. And not for passing secrets to Iran. Bush wasn't even able to hold bin Laden accountable.

    It's time that we hold Bush accountable.

    Or is it all Clinton's fault? That would be the usual Bush tactic. When all else fails, scapegoat!


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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    What makes it all worse: Bush, Halliburton, et al had to know that Chalabi was lying--lots of people who just read newspapers did, but just let him get by with it because his assessment served their interests.

    Yet they didn't plan for the opposition to the US. I wonder if they COULDN'T plan for it, because to prepare for the opposition would have been to admit that Chalabi couldn't be trusted and they shouldn't invade. So just to grab Iraq and try to install a supportive government there, they let the US walk into the current situation, fully knowing what would happen. (Though it doesn't seem to have occured to them that those miles of pipelines are hard to protect.) An astonishing combination of corruption and incompetence.

    And in any case, even if anyone actually believes Bush an innocent defender of democracy, what can be made of allowing a double-agent to influence US policy? No one investigated Chalabi? He was given a clean pass by the FBI and CIA? This administration allowed an agent of Iran to lead it into a war?

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    I'm just speculating here---
    but isn't it also possible that Chalabi (who has been wanted on major bank fraud charges in Jordan for years now) had for whatever reason simply outlived his usefulness to the US and/or had become a liability, for precisely SOME (but not ALL) of the reasons Jon has listed? The whole Iran/Double Agent angle seems a bit contrived, just a little 'too much,' inserted to put the case against him over the top.
    Certainly, it doesn't take much in the way of hard proof to try and convict someone---anyone---in the media. Anybody remember that doctor who was a major "Person of Interest" in the Anthrax case? The US government (with the Full Cooperation of the Media) really hung that guy out to dry, and if I recall, nothing substantial ever came out of it---other than publically humiliating him and doing irreparable damage to his career and life in general.

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    Of course you're right--we just can't tell, looking it at it from the outside. There's no knowing when he approached or was approached by Iran.

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Johnson
    Of course you're right--we just can't tell, looking it at it from the outside. There's no knowing when he approached or was approached by Iran.
    Or if.

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    Re: Worlds Greatest Espionage Caper

    One thing for sure, identifying Chalabi as a guy who passed US secrets to Iran doesn't benefit the Bush Administration. If they wanted to burn him all they would have to do is give him a taxi ride to Jordan.


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