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Topic: GPO Install Configutation question

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    GPO Install Configutation question

    I am attempting to use GPO on WinXP Pro SP2 Intel 2.8Ghz 1Gb RAM machine with Edirol FA-101 Firewire outboard audio hardware.

    But I cannot get things to work properly. I will post various problems separately because there are a whole bunch. But my first question is:

    Should the integrated sound card (SoundMax in ASUS P4S800-E mboard) be
    turned off to prevent conflict with FA-101??

    1. I can disable in Windows
    2. Disable in Windows profile & uninstall Drivers
    3. Disable in BIOS and then uninstall Drivers

    These three options above are in increasing thoroughness.
    What is recommended ? From quick look at other posts, some people appear to leave basic souncards enabled in their system along with more serious audio hardware which they added later.

    Why do I think SoundMax might be a problem? I sometimes get only 2 available audio ports in Kontakt/Setup/Routing. It also appears unstable, plus I'm getting audio recording not activated etc. (see separate post about this). These problems were to some extent eliminated by step 3 in combination w upgrade to the Kontakt v1.1.0.04 version. But lots of problems remain. There are too many variables to be sure so that is why I am asking about the integrated soundcard. I'm setting up a second system for my brother using a Layla3G and I'm getting verysimilar problems.

    It's hard to believe that no one else is having basic installation problems, but a quick search did yield answers to my problems. In addition between Garritan, Native Inst, and the audio hardware mfg - it's hard to figure out who can supply the answers. My experience with Native Inst tech support is worse terrible. Support via e-mail takes over 5-7 days at best and so far pretty much useless. It is absolutely frustrating. I've been struggling with GPO for over 3 weeks now.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!



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    Unhappy Re: GPO Installation -More Questions & Problems

    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra Studio v 1.2

    Error message upon loading pgm:

    ASIO Direct Sound Full Duplex Driver (name of window)

    "The audio input is not activated. Recording audio is not possible.
    Place click on the ASIO control panel button in the systems (VST)
    or Device Setup (Nuendo) dialog. Make sure a deice name is selected
    in the Input Ports section and activate the corresponding check box in
    the first column."

    Where is this? I cannot find the App or Window where I'm supposed to make changes.

    Another Problem:
    Under Setup wit GPO Orchestra which launches the single Kontakt Player

    Router Window in used to have INPU and OUTPUT buttons w Kontakt, but
    with the update to v there is now only OUTPUT

    Once out of 3-5 launches there is a crash.

    Two different Systems (setting 2nd one up for my brother)

    System Edirol has FA-101 Firewire external sound box, Intel P4 2.8Ghz w 1Gb RAM 160Gb HD
    w partitions (GPO samples saved on another partition everything else on C:, running WinXP Pro w SP2 installed

    System Layla3G has Echo Digital Layla3G PCI sound card with external BOX
    Intel P4 2.8Ghz w 1Gb RAM 160Gb HD
    w partitions (same as above) , running WinXP Pro w SP2 installed

    Puzzle w Layla3G system when ext MIDI kbd is hooked up, no problem playing
    w GPO (single instance of Kontakt player), but when GPO Studio is loaded cannot get MIDI kbd to play. Clicking w mouse in both cases produces visible kepress on on-screen piano kbd and corresponding sound.

    I did not hook up a midi kbd with the Edirol FA-101 system, because that will be used w an EWI windcontroller, but there is a similar problem.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much,


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    Re: GPO Install Configutation question

    In regard to your first question, if you aren't trying to use a particular soundcard, it shouldn't matter whether you enable or disable it. It shouldn't hurt to disable it, so you should be fine if you do that. It's possible it could help if the drivers of that unused soundcard are incredibly poor, but I would expect it to make no difference.

    GPO Studio is designed for use with notation programs, which is why it wasn't working with your external keyboard. It doesn't accept input from hardware - it gets midi from the midi outputs of software programs (ie. notation). If you need to do any work directly from an external keyboard, the Personal Orchestra stand-alone application (that you successfully used) is the way to go.

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    Re: GPO Install Configutation question

    Thanks Jeff,

    After I posted my first question, Edirol Tech support also gave me the same answer w respect to integrated sound cards. Should not be necessary to Disable/Uninstall it but under some circumstances it may simplify troubleshooting. Thanks for your clear answer.

    I understand your answer about Midi kbd and GPO Studio v 1.2. I guess your answer also implies that I should not try to use GPO Studio with Cubase? since it's not a notation pgm? Does this mean I use GPO (single instance of Kontakt) ? Does this mean I'm limited to 16 channels of midi?

    I think I understand my problem somewhat better at this point. The key factor is that under GPO (single Kontakt) Setup/Routing, there is no INPUT choice at all only OUTPUT. There should be INPUT & OUTPUT, no?

    Hence nothing can be assigned and therefore I get the "no audio recording is activated" error message that I have quoted verbatim in my 2nd post, as soon as I launch GPO Studio v 1.2. Does this make sense so far?

    As Edirol tech support pointed out, since Windows (Control Panel/Sound & Audio devices/Audio) shows all of the appropriate Playback and Recording device choices (Analog Out & Analog In ports of the audio hardware), there appears to be nothing wrong w how Windows is handling the FA-101 sound card driver. I was able to confirm this by testing Cool Edit 2000 (and updated version called Adobe Audition) for playback and recording. No problems whatsoever w recording or playback. Of course, these programs do not use Kontakt but use the FA-101 drivers directly. Does this logic make sense?

    I can only conclude that the core of my problem is Kontakt's handling of the Edirol FA-101 sound card driver. Since I have the same exact problem with the Layla3G system -the same conclusion is reached.

    Unfortunately the response from Native Inst USA tech support lags by 5-7days. Is this usual experience? and has not been helpful at all. Is the phone support any better?

    In summary, my question is:

    Does my troubleshooting logic make sense?
    1. Shouldn't I expect to have INPUT & OUTPUT in Routing?
    2. If yes, doesn't this cause all of my problems?
    3. Does my troubleshooting logic make sense? Is my conclusion reasonable?

    Thanks very much for you help!!!!


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    Red face GPO ASIO driver BUGS in Kontakt Player

    I talked to Gary Garritan on the phone and he cleared up a whole mess of questions. In case there is some other poor frustrated would be GPO user here is what I learned about using GPO with Overture.

    1. He said to forget about GPO single instance, just use GPO Studio
    So I will not worry about lack of INPUT button and settings with ASIO drivers (Layla3G ASIO WMD duplex) and (ASIO Edirol FA-101 duplex on 2nd system).
    I must have misunderstood a prior response to my posting because Gary said to use GPO Studio w sequencers as well as notation programs.

    2. GPO Studio 1.2 when launched w the ASIO drivers above produces an error message (audio recording is not enabled....) every time. The error message always refers to a different driver (eithe Windows MME, or DirectSound etc.) rather than the ASIO driver selected (see poiint #1)

    Following Gary's suggestion I also tried other ASIO drivers (ASIO MME, ASIO DirectX) but the buffer sizes and hence the delay so long it is impractical for interactive playing. However, with these other drivers the GPO Studio error Popups disappeared.

    3. Overture works fine in spite of these Kontakt player error messages and even records the audio performance output -using the Record pull down menu in GPO Studio 1.2 but you must start and stop the recording because it is totally independent. At this point this is the only way to record the performa ce, although one would hope that this will be integrated into Overture sometime soon.

    What is most puzzling to me is that no other GPO users has reported any of these errors.

    In conclusion, it looks like most up to date GPO bundle Kontakt Player is buggy (v and ought to be fixed.

    System information:

    2 Systems each w WinXP Pro SP2 (integrated -meaning already on OS system install CD) running Intel P4 2.8Ghz 1Mb cache. One system has 1Gb RAM the other has 2GB RAM. One system has SATA hard drive, other has ATA. Both hard drives have multiple partitions and GPO library is not installed on C: (OS and Apps partition). Contrary to advice -having all of GPO installed on the C: drive makes no difference as far as the errors I describe above. Nor does the SP2 appear to be responsible for the error messages, since I saw the same errors when I tested on a Notebook w Echo Indigo audio card. The notebook had WinXP Pro w SP1. In any case software and hardware makers must make their goods compatible with SP2 since SP2 is a fact of life and wil not go away.

    The system w the 2GB RAM I'm setting up for my brother, whose current system is an ancient Pentium 1 w W98. I've used hardware synths for many years but have not had any software synth experience. I'm a computer consultant and I setup Win machines and repair hardware so I've seen both sides of the tech support dialog, which is the reason I'm going to the bother of writing this note. Maybe it will help someone not waste 4 weeks getting GPO to work.


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    Re: GPO Install Configutation question

    Hi DrDancm - Disable the SoundMax in the Motherboard BIOS. The device is still inventoried and assigned a PCI linkvalue. It may even share a PCI INT with an important other device in your machine. I have a P4P800 and disabled everything that I don't use.


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