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Topic: Midi File Crisis....

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    Question Midi File Crisis....

    I hope this isn't too stupid of a question. I received a midi file emailed to me that came without an extension. I can only assume that it may have been a mac midi file (since this is how mac files usually appear). I can add a .mid or a .midi extension and it will play in winamp/media player, etc. but I cannot open it in Sonar. I also tried a midi file converter (incase it wasn't a type 0 or type 1) but the program told me that there was "extra unknown information at the beginning of the file" and won't convert it. This again, would be typical of a mac file because the extensions are embedded at the front of the file. So my question is........

    How the heck can I open the file to see the midi data?

    Maybe this is just a corrupt file, but the person has not emailed me back any information regarding the midi file yet. I am hoping to resolve this in the meantime. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Midi File Crisis....


    seems to have some converter discussion there.


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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    Thanks. This may be just what I need. I will check it out.


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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    I keep reading this topic's title as "Midlife crisis"...

    What's wrong with me?

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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterRoos
    I keep reading this topic's title as "Midlife crisis"... What's wrong with me?

    bleach your hair, buy a very fast sports car, and run off with very fast young women.... oh, and take 2 of these and call me in the morning

    *print this for use as a Dr's excuse if need be

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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    I think that the correct suffix for a Standard Midi File is .smf and not .mid

    PC's are really odd when it comes to those things, perhaps you might want to try the .smf
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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    Well, neither ".smf" or the filetype translator worked......I guess I will have to wait to see if I get another email back with a new midi file. Maybe it did come through corrupt...

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    Re: Midi File Crisis....


    I bet the file isn't a midi file, it could be the native program file. I've had this happen before.

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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    The strange thing is that you can add a midi file extension to it and it will play in winamp, etc. It plays it midi too - not audio. Maybe it is the native format.....strange though.

    If anybody wants to take a crack at opening it in their programs, pm me. I use Sonar on pc.

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    Re: Midi File Crisis....

    If you want to send it over to me - I will try opening here in Cubase SX (who's file extension is .cpr) to rule that out. I will also try it as a midi file just to be sure on my system as well - I know how frustrating it can be when you recieve a file like this.
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