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Topic: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

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    Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    As I mentioned earlier, I have had som problems with PMI Old lady Grand piano on my computer, due to the very demanding computer requierments.

    Now I wonder if anyone knows about some great Rhodes Piano sound that doesn´t requiere to much from my computer, when it comes to RAM and size.

    First of all I would like to have a Rhodes that sounds like an real Rhodes.
    Of course the latency is set by the quality of the soundcard, but I don´t want to press the key on my keybord, and then have time to drink a cup of coffee before I hear the note playing because of the big buffer size.

    Could anyone help me with my questions?


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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Hi Mikael,

    IMHO, the Scarbee Rhodes will get you there and it has Lite versions of the patches too. I don't know if it will cause a problem on your computer or not. Thomas the developer is a pretty helpful guy, maybe contact him through his website (www.scarbee.com) to see if it will work for you. It comes in Halion format also.


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