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Topic: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

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    Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    I think I wrote this thread at the wrong place, so I give it a try here insteed.

    As I mentioned earlier, I have had som problems with PMI Old lady Grand piano on my computer, due to the very demanding computer requierments.

    Now I wonder if anyone knows about some great Rhodes Piano sound that doesn´t requiere to much from my computer, when it comes to RAM and size.

    First of all I would like to have a Rhodes that sounds like an real Rhodes.
    Of course the latency is set by the quality of the soundcard, but I don´t want to press the key on my keybord, and then have time to drink a cup of coffee before I hear the note playing because of the big buffer size.

    Could anyone help me with my questions?


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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Scarbee R.S.P. '73, probably the 16-bit version


    I don't know the minimum requirements, but Scarbee does sell a Halion version.

    Another alternative (not the same quality) is NI's Elektrik piano. This uses the Kompakt player engine:

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Scarbee all the way...nothing else is even in the ballpark. I suspect that nothing will EVER be in the ballpark with the RSP '73...it is simply immaculate.

    Check out the Wurlitzer too.


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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Scarbee is the way to go. I don't have it (a friend of mine does...No, really!) and it's absolutely flabbergasting! Don't think twice! It's the "real deal"!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Scarbee RSP 73 : +1! (http://www.scarbee.com/products/rsp73/index.php)

    And there are many patches from 4 layers to full version. So you can adjust it to your PC.

    I can do all I want with it by sending it thru the B4 FX section (to have the full leslie emulation and warm slicy distortion).

    I really wonder how it could render thru the Scarbee Vintage KeyboardsFX (http://www.scarbee.com/products/plugins.php).

    Xavier Bidault

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    I checked it out, but I think it´s to big. 1.5Gb.
    Is there anything smaller and cheaper, that sounds real great?

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Quote Originally Posted by xav93
    And there are many patches from 4 layers to full version. So you can adjust it to your PC.
    Very small size with only 4 layers, and best sounding compare to all existing products.

    But i'm thinking now to the AAS - Lounge Lizard EP-2. It's an emulated (so no sample needed) Rhodes sounding great.

    But if you want a very very small rhodes, see at http://www.wizoosound.com/ , in keyboards section.
    Or this one "Rhodes for giga" at http://www.purgatorycreek.com/

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    I didn´t like the Rhodes on the wizoosound page.. it felt very GM-sound.

    I bought a swedish magazine called Studio today, and I read this rewiew about Precision Sound, Dusty Electric MkII.
    They gave it a varm recommendation.

    I checked up the site, and the demos totally blew me away..
    I think it´s very interesting.

    Is there anyone that use the Dusty Electric MkII, please tell me all about it.. and share your opinions..

    For everyone else, there is www.precisionsound.net for more information.

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    Mikael, don't forget that the size of the library is no longer relevant when you use disk streaming.

    With disk streaming, what makes the difference is the number of samples in a program, as a little bit of ram has to be dedicated to each sample.

    So, if you have two libraries, each with 73 keys sampled across 10 velocities, that's 730 samples. When the samples are streamed from disk, there is no performance difference whether the samples are looped or whether they play for the entire length - although you may hear loops if they aren't perfect, and some sounds change subtley as the note decays.

    1.5gb Vs 240mb isn't going to make much of a dent in the average hard disk drive these days.

    In the end, you need to listen to all the demos and decide for yourself.
    It would be ideal if you could try them side by side somewhere...

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    Re: Best Rhodes for HALion?!

    I decided to try the Dusty Electric.
    I bought it, and it´s probably the best sounding Rhodes on the market in my opionion.
    Very esy to just pay and download as well.. and the best of all.. it´s DOESN´T COST A FORTUNE!!!

    They have som other fantastic sounds.. just listen to the whistles and the flutes.. and probably the coolest of them all.. DEMONIC vocals

    my warm recommendation www.precisionsound.net

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