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Topic: New Black Grand User Song

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    New Black Grand User Song

    Black Grand Close Perspective:

    Heaven by Jeremy Whaley

    Thanks Jeremy!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: New Black Grand User Song


    I like how the piano is nicely understated here without hogging the soundstage and lets the vocal come right through. And it's a nice song too.

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    Thumbs up Re: New Black Grand User Song

    Jeremy- This is inspiring!

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    Re: New Black Grand User Song

    Thanks. This was a really quick song we threw together for my girl-friend's grandmother's funeral. Her grandmother had asked her to sing it so we recorded it just before she passed away so she could hear it.

    I actually started with the White Grand on this song but half way through decided I wanted the darker tones of the Black Grand. It really worked out well. I'm very pleased with the way the samples sat for this tune.

    It's no secret around here how much I use the White Grand, and it's usually my first go to sample, but I've been really really pleased with the alternate tones BG has to offer.

    I've not got my copy of GS3 yet, so I can't try the BG GS3 version. I'm not sure what all it adds with the extra GS3 programming, but it's working quite well in good ol' GS2.5! Thanks for your kind words


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    Re: New Black Grand User Song

    Hi Jeremy,

    Sorry to hear the circumstances surrounding this song, but well done on a really lovely piece of music. Your playing as always is excellent, and your girlfriend can sing!

    I have many piano libraries already, but the Black Grand and White Grand are looking very tempting thanks to your demos!!


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    Re: New Black Grand User Song

    Thanks I'll tell her

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