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Topic: Please Critique My Work

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    Please Critique My Work

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    Todd Kinsley
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    Re: Please Critique My Work

    Todd - If you're referring to the link in your signature, you'll want to correct the URL (one too many "L"s in there...)

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    Re: Please Critique My Work

    I listen to the first one "Orc Battle...", which I thought was pretty good. Unless the voice talent was supposed to be comical, it may need some work in the dramatic voice-acting department. Also, there did not seem to be much going on in the center of the stereo field, which is usually reserved for voice, only the voices were panned left and right. Once the "spell" came on (nice), it filled out well. I was also listening for some meaty crunches or swords meeting armor and flesh (lots of sword clanging though which had good variety), but if it was in there, it was too subtle for me. All in all, it was better than most, and my comments are minor quibbles.

    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
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