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Topic: GPO vst plugin and external midi controller

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    GPO vst plugin and external midi controller

    Could someone kindly advise me on tweaking my setup? I am running Cubase SX3 on a Mac and using GPO as a VST plugin. As an external midi controller, I am using an Evolution UC-16. What I would like to do is use this controller to control the various parameters of the VST plugin. While I can do this perfectly well with the standalone version (Personal Orchestra), I am having no luck with it within Cubase. No response.

    Presumably I use the Generic Remote setup under the Device Setup menu, but I am not sure what to fill in here!

    thanks in advance for any responses

    PS yes, I have tried Steinberg Cubase technical support, but they are, characteristically ..... useless!

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    Re: GPO vst plugin and external midi controller

    Are you seeing the device at all in Cubase? Which Cubase are you using? There should be a midi device setup in Cubase, where you can see what devices are installed. If the VST sees the controller, there's no reason why Cubase shouldn't. Also, make sure you have the device labled as the input on the track you are recording on. Each track will have to be assigned to the controller.

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    Re: GPO vst plugin and external midi controller

    Thanks Joseph, you have enlightened me. The problem was that I didn't have the controller chosen as the input on the tracks, as you suggested. However, although this means I can now control the VST instrument, this means I have to assign a midi track to the controller, and another to the keyboard input (using the same channel). What I am wondering is can I use the Generic Remote page to route the midi controller to a particular VST instrument?

    best wishes and thanks again

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    Re: GPO vst plugin and external midi controller

    Just found this on cubase.net forum, from an administrator:


    SX Generic Remote Controller does not allow assignment to parameters of VSTi´s in the moment.

    Issue confirmed"

    so it looks like I'll have to await an update.

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