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Topic: Strange install problem.

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    Angry Strange install problem.

    I've had some problems with my computer crashing so I had to reformat and upgrade my OS to fix this. When I tried to reinstall GPO my computer ID no longer matches the previous one and I can't register GPO. In the days before I reformatted my machine I got a strange error at startup that warned me "CPU has changed". Anyone have any idea what that could have been and how I can get my GPO registered again?


    Andrew Foust

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    Re: Strange install problem.

    Not sure what caused the hardware ID change, but the re-registration is easy from what I've heard. You'll need to log in to the Native Instruments page and then de-authorize the old installation and re-register with your new hardware ID.

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    Re: Strange install problem.

    Fantastic idea. Thanks, I'll give that a try.


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    Re: Strange install problem.

    Burrells' advice works....

    Might want to read the update "Copyright"
    page on the NI site...its quite extensive.

    Just remember that you will not be able to reuse
    the old registration (not sure you would want to).

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    GPO & Finale 2005b.r1

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