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Topic: Double notes in Kontakt?

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    Double notes in Kontakt?

    Hey there,

    in my midi program, when i need kontakt to play double notes, it chooses to play the lower of the two notes....why not both? it used to.. and its not the sample library...


    thank! :-p

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    Re: Double notes in Kontakt?

    I assume you are saying that you need to play a chord with one instrument in Kontakt. I would say, to make sure that the polyphony of the instrument is more than '1.' If it is set at one for the instrument you are playing, then you will only get one note.

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    Re: Double notes in Kontakt?

    Whoa, yeah, that worked perfectly, it was set to 0 - 1, and now its @ 1 - 15, and works great, thank you!

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