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Topic: unsolo RMX in SX3, and slow load times

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    unsolo RMX in SX3, and slow load times

    Hi everyone!

    Installed RMX last night and find it quite slow in loading grooves etc, it sometimes takes 5-6 sec and ocassionally the screen redraws.
    It doesn´t matter if the core library is on the OS-disc C: or on an external disc. I´ve also tried changing soundcard buffers and disabling delay compensation etc without effect.

    It´s also very slow to UNsolo an RMX-track in CubaseSX3 - it takes 4-5 sec. This problem is NOT present in SX2 though...

    I have a 2GHz P4, 1GHz RAM and XP in a Delta66 setup, so it seems enough to run at least one instance of RMX.

    Does anyone have similar problems or is it just me?

    RMX is a great tool though, i hope to get it running a little smoother soon!

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    Re: unsolo RMX in SX3, and slow load times

    Nice - new update for RMX!

    The 1.05 fixes a lot of stuff, and i THINK the load times have improved...
    Solo function being slow in SX3 is confirmed afaik, but not fixed yet.

    have a nice evening!

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