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Topic: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

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    Thumbs up Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    Echo has the GSIF2 Beta drivers up for Gina24,Layla24,Mia and Mia Midi. They are posted on their site. Haven't tried them yet, but will advise....

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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    *looks around innocently - damn, I'd better do something about replacing that old gina then*

    Seems there are sooo many options though I'll need a month at least to do research.

    But that is good news that they have done GSIF2 drivers for these cards, especially as quite a few other manufacturers are supporting this new standard as well, it does help alleviate one of the first fears I had when I heard of GSIF2, and that was that there would be, if not a lack of support, then a much greater timeframe before soundcard driver developers actually had released working versions for GSIF2.

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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    Actually I have just checked and they do have GSIF2 drivers in beta for the Gina, layla, darla and darla 24 as well.

    That really is quite fantastic, that echo are still releasing drivers fro cards so long out of support.


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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    They work well. No worries as far as I know.

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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    I have all but given up on ESI-Pro releasing GSIF 2 drivers.

    I was wondering about the complexities of adding a second sound card to my system, (possibly a second hand Echo Mia) so that I could get GSIF.

    I have a single PC set-up running Cubase SX3 and GS3.

    Would this work ... what do I need to think about.

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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    Normally this would work fine-ish.
    But to be difficult there are a bunch of other things that need to be considered.

    Motherboard is very important. How many free slots does it have? Do the slots share IRQ's with anything else? How many slots do you have filled?

    It can be very convoluted, and even where it works well for one person, it may not work well for another.

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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    They work well. No worries as far as I know.
    So are you saying you have tried the new beta drivers? Also GSIF2 wasn't the only thing added to this new version.

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    Unhappy Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    I don't know if this is user error or the drivers. But I installed the new drivers on my Layla 20 and everything seemed to be fine but now my performances aren't saving correctly. All the samples load but no effects or elements in the mixer. I may have checked some boxes in GS3 that I shouldn't have or something. I also was having problems loading my GS2.5 performances and then rebuilt the database somewhere in this time period and it may have had something to do with it. I still have failry recent permormance files that DO load properly so whatever the case it takes place while saving it. If anyone's had a similar experience and know how to fix it, I would appreciate it.

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    Red face Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    Whoops, my bad.
    I just discovered a feature in the "save as" dialog box that creates different ways to save performances. Somehow things got set to "custom" and in the customize dialog it was set to only load sounds, not effects etc. I switched it to "save entire performance" (or something like that) and all is well now. I know now that it has nothing to do with the new echo drivers. Which are working well by the way.

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    Re: Echo has GSIF2 Beta drivers up

    I'm going to give them a try on my MIA.

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