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Topic: About CD-R and labels

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    Question About CD-R and labels

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    My project is about to be completed and the next step is to put the demo on a cd. Which CD-R brand is best suited for handling audio files ? For what I learned on a website "audio" cd-r's are not so essential. It is written that Maxwell, Verbatim and Memorex are not good choices. TDK, Kodak and Fuji on the other side would be ok. Is somebody use Fujifilm cd's ?

    What kind of paper hold colors properly when used on Laser printer ? What's about Cd labels put on the cd ?

    Well it doesn't sound much hollywood but this topic could be useful for some members.



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    Re: About CD-R and labels

    Thanks Ern,

    The "CD Stomper" mechanism is a good way to avoid messing with labels and the kit already includes labels. The Laser printer has so much quality to offer. Also Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker www.acoustica.com is a brilliant product.

    Now my plan is to finish the mix and send some Cd's to the CdBaby online store.


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    Re: About CD-R and labels

    A very "basic" approach is to use Fellowes "Neato" CD/DVD labels. They have Microsoft Word templates that match their label sheets, and any "kit" you buy includes a plastic device you can use to apply a printed label to the CD.


    You can buy plain white label sheets (2 CD labels per page) in sizes up to 500 sheets, and they don't cost that much:

    You can buy the initial "kit" (which includes the plastic applicator) :

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    Re: About CD-R and labels

    Thanks Martin,

    I already have the "Cd Stomper" kit, a similar product. At the RadioShack store they sell Centrios CD which are plane, no inscriptions on it, The salesman told me it is better when applying the Cd label. Anyone knows Centrios ?


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