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Topic: Midi question...

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    Question Midi question...

    Is it possible to make midi-notes fade in or out in the sequncer using Kontakt? I've tryed...but it seems you can only do this in the kontakt. This makes every note of a specific sound have the same fade-ins or fade-out on.

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    Re: Midi question...

    Hi, I'm not quite sure what your asking, but it would seem to me that you would make individual midi notes fade in or out by either a) using your sequencer, or b) playing them on your midi controller.

    Kontakt is a sound sampler/editor, and while you can certainly edit the attack, velocity, decay, etc., of sound voices with it, I don't know how it would come into play when approaching the individual notes of a musical piece you are working with. Good luck. I've found some of this stuff terribly difficult to work out myself.

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