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Topic: Aardvark LX6 solution needed desperately

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    Aardvark LX6 solution needed desperately


    I'm new to this forum, and I hope one of the knowledgeable folks here will be able to help me because I've been trying to get a response from Aardvark both by phone and by e-mail for two months but to no avail.

    I moved my some of my peripherals recently and disconnected my LX6 patch bay while my computer was still powered up. Shouldn't have done it, as I read later in the user manual that doing this could damage the LX6 in some way. Have tried several times to reconnect, but Win98SE can't seem to see it. Can anyone tell me what might have been damaged and if/how it might be corrected or repaired?

    All suggestions and advice gratefully appreciated, including suggestions as to how I might be able to get Aardvark to respond. They make *great* products, but in my experience their tech support leaves much to be desired.

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    Re: Aardvark LX6 solution needed desperately

    Hey - did you ever figure out a way to repair this? I have the exact same problem, so I have a useless breakout box just sitting here unless I can figure out how to repair teh card ... I have considered a less than ethical tactic, which is buying one from another retailer, then sending it back with the old PC card and seeing if I can exchange it for credit or just another card, but who knows - I mean, I feel bad about even considering it, but at the same time, I had the same problem - for months I got no repsonse from Aardvark, other than a runaround, then nothing, only to discover they had gone out of business ... anyway, if you figured how to repair the card, however, let me know, please!

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    Re: Aardvark LX6 solution needed desperately

    aardvark has been out of biz for some time

    i wonder with this link if yu can make a connection with someone who would know

    Steve Hanlon, guitarist/composer
    Logic 7, PowerMac DP 2.0 (8- RAM slot model), 4GB RAM, OS 10.4.11
    UAD-1 Ultra Pak
    Lots of V.I. and sound effects
    Apogee Rosetta 200
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