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Topic: Gregorian Chant?

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    Gregorian Chant?

    Hey there,

    Im looking for a choir library that has a REAL gregorian chant sound, not like VOTA which has a hollywood sound, but something more like this

    http://www.firegamestudios.net/choir.mp3 (87kb)

    Hope someone can help, thanks,


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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    Check out Symphony of Voices. www.ilio.com

    BTW, Eric, Ilio...when do I get my commission?
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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    Ilio has been your recommendation of the day, hasen't it? lol

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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    heh I actually asked a few questions before ordering SoV the other day, but, didn't think they could help me. Unfortunately the only version that is useful to me has been out of production for some years (I own a k2000) and even they aid it doesn't translate thatwell.


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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    You can also record them yourself. You record yourself n times and layer all them together with a lot of reverb.
    I did it in this piece, and i think it went out ok

    There's also this plugin which can help

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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    Not bad :-)
    However I can still hear it's the same person singing those lines. I think it's a more realistic option to sneak inside a choir practice and record some phrases ;-)

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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    I think VOTA does amazing Gregorian chant! (Did some on a recent song.)Haven't messed with SoV though.

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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    Anytime you are trying to put together words with synths, it is pretty difficult. I have SoV and it does a decent job, but it clearly isn't "singing words" (although they do have some snippets.) I recently used Vocaloid's Miriam to create a short Gregorian Chant loop that I heard on CD. That is not a bad technology if you don't need a lot of inflection and dynamics.... and they now have a demo to try. Plus, "Miriam" is clearly singing words... not just ahhhhhs or eeeeees etc. I then used Clone Ensemble to fatten it. It isn't perfect and doesn't sound like a roomfull of highly trained people singing. But for a guy sitting around in his studio, it (IMHO) isn't bad.

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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    I think VOTA does amazing Gregorian chant! (Did some on a recent song.)Haven't messed with SoV though.
    To bad SOV, doesn't come in KONTAKT format.

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    Re: Gregorian Chant?

    Not really....SOV should work fine with Kontakt and most of the soft samplers. We've spent a lot of time with all the manufacturers to ensure that the SOV conversion is very good.


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