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Topic: OK split second decision....

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    OK split second decision....

    Hi there,

    I have a project coming up really soon that will require solos strings, acoustic pop music-ish in style....

    I use HALion (still v1 but will be upgrading to v3 asap) with SX. I noticed Kirk Hunters Solo Strings are on offer (with like a day left!) for $149!!

    By all standards this is a great price! I have been impressed with the demo sounds no end of times...

    One question and I need to know fast ;-) - how are these samples when used with HALion? Any experienced users care to comment?

    I don't want to buy them if they need extensive reprogramming to work with all the articulations. I am tossing up between these and the much more expensive VSL Solo box. Which apparently now has Performace Tools for HAL etc.

    I would love to save some money here, as I need VSL Vienna Harps for this project also. I will use them in conjunction with GOS Lite.

    Please let me know asap if there are any major issues with KHSS - I would greatly appreciate some advice as I need to act quick quick quick!!

    Thanks a lot folks for your time
    Cheers Tom

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    Re: OK split second decision....

    Is the deal still on?? I don't see it on the site anymore. If it is I have my card out

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    Re: OK split second decision....

    The deal is on until Oct 31st...


    Regarding Halion, I only own the GS version and don't own Halion, but I have read that the conversion works fine.

    Programming-wise, the lib is big, but it isn't all that complex. I use the samples with a unique patch for each articulation and apply expression and bends. At the bottom end the samples are available broken apart into a unique patches for every velocity layer, so it can be applied to even the simplest sampler. At the top end multiple articulations can be selected by the mod-wheel. That would be useful for live playing, but not required for sequencing. Selecting the articulations with a patch change or mod wheel gives the same result.

    I think the earliest Halion conversions had a problem with the mod-wheel. I don't know if that's currently a problem or not. Personally, I don't think that losing the mod wheel would be a loss at all - just select the patches with a program change rather than the wheel. The results will sound identical.


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    Re: OK split second decision....

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    Is the deal still on?? I don't see it on the site anymore. If it is I have my card out
    The US $149 deal is still listed on Kirk's HomePage:


    Here is a topic Peter Alexander created about this $149 deal:

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    Thumbs up Re: OK split second decision....

    Hi Tom,
    I use KHSS with Hal2 with no problems, although I haven't tried out all the patches yet.
    As far as I remember the import took a little time but was straightforward enough, and everything seems to work as it should.
    You can't go wrong at the price!

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    Re: OK split second decision....

    OK coolio!

    Thanks for all of your replies guys - much appreciated! I have pretty much come to the conclusion that its an unmissable deal....my card is at the ready!

    I also sequence with each articulation on a diff.track - makes it much easier when balancing phrases with automation......so I don't see it as a significant limitation for the price.

    Thanks a lot!!

    Cheers Tom

    BTW has anyone got or used Garritans GigaHarp? Its also cheaper than ViennaHarps and supposedly sounds amazing - its a giga library and again I wonder how it is with HALion? Found it for $149 online - pretty good price?

    Cheers Tom

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    Re: OK split second decision....

    I can either pay via paypal or another web site - it doesn't seem correct.....how do I make sure I pay for international shipping and obtain the discount?

    Do I paypal $149 plus the $12 shipping to Muzkguy or pay $199 on the other site and be unsure of getting the discount and shipping? Where do I add the promotion code - in the comments box?



    Via this:


    OR this?


    Cheers Tom

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