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Topic: Rex Libraries for Stylus RMX?

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    Rex Libraries for Stylus RMX?

    Been working with RMX and I am astounded! What creative possibilities!!! Any one know of well-done Rex libraries. I am particularly interested in keyboard, bass, guitar, etc. loops. Also, I saw a Strings folders on Eric's hard drive in the demo movies. What is that?

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    Re: Rex Libraries for Stylus RMX?

    I've never actually found any REX libs I like - they are so choppy compared to a well done Groove Control lib. I'm really surprised RMX is suppose to work well with REX. If RMX can make a REX file sound like I want it to, my life will have been made!

    If you want to try something cheap check out the libs that M-audio has put out for rex files and/or some of the prosamples series from Sounds Online. That's a good cheap way to get ahold of some rex libs for cheap - i think they all sell for around $45. I can tell you the Discrete drums colllections from M-audio are worth the $45 even if the rex files don't work like you want - the one shots are great.

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