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Topic: Real Gone by Tom Waits

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    Real Gone by Tom Waits

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    Any of you other wonderful people own this album?

    Here's my review, not that anyone cares. This album follows closely with Tom's other releases in its masterful recording and sound. Tom is simply a wonderful musician. He doesn't push the boundries so much with this one as more perfect his stance. I really enjoy how gritty the sound is on a few of these tracks. I love the dark topics. Every song feels like it was written by a balladic beat poet. If you like Nick Cave, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lenoard Cohen, or Burroughs, pick this CD up. Beat rock at its finest.

    5 stars.

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    Re: Real Gone by Tom Waits

    Thanks for this. I had not heard about it (I don't really keep up these days,) but it's funny the names you mentioned are almost EXACTLY my Americana cultural mentors (though I might substitute Corso or Ferlenghetti for Ginsburg) but Kerouac and Burroughs were most assuredly the most purely intelligent of the beat writers...

    ... and of course I've always admired Waits. If he's ever done anything bad, I haven't heard it. (Plus his film work, Down by Law comes to mind, is wonderful.

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    Re: Real Gone by Tom Waits

    Was beginning to think I was the only Waits fan around. Good on yer, I say. Pick it up, man. There's a few songs on here that I just have to listen to over and over. Its that good.

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