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Topic: how to select instrument patches?

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    how to select instrument patches?

    I have many gigs I setup as well as many that already have several instruments and/or patches within a single gig.

    I took the plunge and have GS3, installed and running just fine.

    I can load instruments, but how the heck do I select a patch within an instrument (gig) file? This was easy in 2.5 - maybe there is just something I'm missing that is obvious . . . . . help anyone?

    My first cut through the manual didn't seem to help me. This is getting frustrating as this should be an easy thing to find.

    I did a common thing where I'd load up the same instrument on several channels all with different patches selected.....

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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    You are not saying which sequencer you are using, but in Cakewalk, Home Studio and Sonar you can do it with "insert patch change"


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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    And in Sibelius you attach "~P3" to a note to change to patch 3. "~P5,6" would be for bank 5, patch 6.


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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    no no no not using the sequencer - in the old gigasamler version I had you could right click when loading your gig and pick an instrument (or patch) within an individual gig (if multiple ones were defined for the gig).

    How do you do that in version 3????

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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    Try typing *.gig into the quicksound search window.
    That should cause all the files with a .gig extension to appear in the Instrument list (the one between the drive instrument tree and the loaded instrument list).

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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    I have nothing to add to Chadwick's advise, except that there is three sections on the bottom of your Mixer-screen. On the left you should see a view similar to Windows explorer. Clicking on any of the files containing samples, opens the second,middle window. On this window you click on any +, gives you the subfiles for the sample. double clicking on any of them loads the sample into the track selected in the mixer window (blue margin around the track). This action also puts the same sample to the right-side window which contains the samples loaded into GS3.
    Mr. Chadwick, it is nice to see your name again, I'll never will forget your helping advise on the old Tascam forum. I hope you are having fun. I see that you were born a year after I escaped from Hungary with my wife and two kids..., kido..


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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    nope - I know how to load a gig file. Maybe I'm not explaining myself well.

    When you define (or many gig files already have predefined) you can setup several different instruments within ONE gig file.

    Gigastudio 3 (and all prior versions) always load instrument 0 when you load a gig. After the gig has been loaded you can switch to a different instrument within that same gig file . . . it has been over a year since I last used version 2.5 I think it was, after a gig was loaded you could right click and/or there was a dropdown box in which you could select instruments within a gig to be loaded.

    How the heck do you do that in Gigastudio 3? Can't find it anywhere . . . . anyone know what I mean now?

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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    Loaded instruments shoe up in the right pane of the quicksound window. Drag and drop them into the desired channel

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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    ok got it thanks.

    now I fee retarded for not seeing that myself. I was looking in all the wrong places (right clicking when loading the gigs, in the menus etc) and didn't even see it down there.


    thanks again.

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    Re: how to select instrument patches?

    Gig3 does not respond to patch/bank changes correctly in the sequencer. It's a bug that does not seem to be a priority.

    You should be able to do what you want to do, however, by expanding the instrument "tree" in QuickView and only loading the one you want.

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