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Topic: Mac User Needs PC Help!

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    Mac User Needs PC Help!

    I have a PC that I use for Giga only. Yesterday I installed a new Seagate 200g SATA drive. At first it didn't show up, so we went into some kind of BIOS setup thing and enabled something called SIL3112 Serial ATA. Then the drive showed up, in Device Manager, but not in the Window called My Computer. We finally ended up using Format HFTS (?) and the drive showed up as DRIVE G. I put some sounds on it, opened GIGA, and though the drive showed up in the GIGA, when you click on the drive there is nothing there.

    Have no idea whether this formatted correctly or not....other two drives in my system are FAT32, but this wasn't a choice for this drive when formatting.

    I also remember that some kind of "DMA" setting is either supposed to be ON or OFF for these drives, but can't remember where you go to find this.

    Sorry to be such a Mac user here, but any help appreciated.

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    Re: Mac User Needs PC Help!

    This sounds like you should build the quicksound database in Gigasampler. Look in the windows file browser if your files are there. If yes, (and for a final test you can also copy the files), the disk is fine.

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