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Topic: A hybrid style action cue

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    A hybrid style action cue


    This is a composition of mine. It contains orchestral and rock elements. It ends a little abrupt, but it's not finished yet. I was curious what people would think of it before I'll go on with it when inspiration strikes me again, so here it is:


    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: A hybrid style action cue

    Interesting and creative piece. I enjoyed it!

    The only suggestion I would make concerns the strings in the first 20 seconds. The chord voicing is so tight that you can't help but think "played on a keyboard". You might want to try changing the voicing or using different patches to give some depth and realism. I think it would help and I look forward to hearing the finished work.


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    Re: A hybrid style action cue

    Thanks for the comment. It's a crossfade layer patch anyway, so I'll make more use out of it.

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    Re: A hybrid style action cue

    That was cool. I could totally picture it as a theme to a FOX tv show.



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    Re: A hybrid style action cue

    Like this one a LOT!! Very natural feeling rythym section and cool synth effects. What all got used on it???

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    Re: A hybrid style action cue

    Hey Herman, I like it. My main suggestion would be to bring the drums and guitars to the forefront more and let the strings/brass support that.

    Oh, and depending on the effect you are going for, you could take the double basses down an octave, the violins up one octave to give a wider more epic sound. Perhaps try some two or three part harmonies on the Cellos too. I only listened once but it did sound a like the string voicing was a little close together as Chris mentioned.

    Good work though, it grabbed me straight away.
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    Re: A hybrid style action cue

    Thanks for all the great comments! Some pretty useful stuff there.

    I'll look into these string arrangements there. I'll have to be careful though when bringing both the bass guitar in front and lowering the basses, in terms of frequency balance. I'll see if it works. The guitars: they seemed loud in the mix, but when listening around 90 dB they appeared much softer compared with the rest. An acoustic thing perhaps. I'll try some settings.

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