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Topic: Reports of Gil Melle's passing

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    Reports of Gil Melle's passing

    I've heard news that Gil Melle passed away suddenly on Thursday. I should think that most people on this board will have heard of him. His genuinely innovative use of synths and electronics in film and TV scores made him one of the most influential composers of the 70s.

    Bearing in mind our Trance orientated pop music scene, Melle's score for The Andromeda Strain was a real foretaste of the future. Ironically, this 35 year-old score (he hand-built the synths) sounds fresher today than it did in then.

    Another talented composer gone. It's been a sad year for film music.


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    Re: Reports of Gil Melle's passing

    Oh man. He was one of the first names I remember being aware of (along with Lalo Schifrin, probably) specifically as a TV and film composer. Of course it was because of that great theme to Night Stalker. Sad news indeed.

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