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Topic: Get Out The Vote!

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    Get Out The Vote!

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    Today was awesome.

    I spent the day canvassing a neighborhood in Washougal, WA with a new friend. We were targeting known democratic households to make sure that they turned in their absentee ballots, or would go to the polls on Tuesday.

    This evening I went to a Whistle-Stop rally at the Vancouver train station where our senior US Senator, Patty Murray was the headliner. The tour also featured our future Governor (Chris Gregoire), Attorney General (Deborah Senn), Secratary of State (Laura Ruderman) and Commissioner of Public Lands (Mike Cooper). If Gregoire, Senn and Ruderman are all elected, Washington will be the first state in history with women in the three top spots. Before the train arrived we were treated to speeches from the local candidates.

    The experience was electric with everybody screaming and waving their signs. Afterwards I had the honor of shaking Patty Murray's hand and was able to speak with Deborah Senn and some local candidates. Great people, all.

    I was especially impressed with Laura Ruderman. She will not allow Washington to buy voting machines without paper trails. She will also not allow Washington State to buy voting machines FROM ANY COMPANY WHO SELLS VOTING MACHINES WITHOUT PAPER TRAILS IN ANY OTHER STATE.

    Earlier in the day, when canvassing in a lower middle class neighborhood, I had the most amazing Republican encounters. On my first doorbell ring a big guy, maybe 6'5" opens the door about two inches, peers at me through the crack and asks what I want. I tell him my name and that I'm with the Washington State Democrats and am encouraging people to vote. He tells me he doesn't want to hear from any Democrats. The door gap quickly closed.

    As we went back to the car a 30-something guy comes out of his house with a big dog next to his "beware of dog" sign and his Bush sign. He asks us what the hell we were doing there. We didn't agrivate him, and drove away.

    What is it with Republicans and thier level of fear? The Democrats we met were all friendly, open, and unafraid. To be fair we also met some non-paranoid Republicans, but no Democrats peered at us through door cracks or postured behind big dogs.

    Tomorrow, we will canvas a Vancouver neighborhood. Tuesday we will call, canvass and monitor the polls.

    Please share your own local election experiences.


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    Re: Get Out The Vote!

    I canvassed again today in Vancouver in another lower middle class neighborhood. Lots of success today. About 50% of the people were at home and all of them had either already voted or planned to vote. All were Kerry supporters and they made no bones about it.

    Washington State will decisively send its electors to DC to vote for Kerry.

    Happy Halloween!


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    Re: Get Out The Vote!

    cool Jon

    Republicans are to busy with their distorted instinct for survival to be happy

    and Society doesnt exist, so how can they be open to someone else in a social context since you dont actually exist for them, which makes me wonder if they actually think they exist

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    Re: Get Out The Vote!

    You will be happy to know that when visiting voters I wore a T-Shirt that said

    to swim
    the 200

    I hope their eyesight was good enough to catch the first four lines of this eye chart!


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    Re: Get Out The Vote!

    That's great Jon !!!!!

    I worked the phones all weekend - couldnt do the canvasing since i messed up my foot playing tennis a few months ago.

    I was floored that i encountered maybe a dozen people that were STILL undecided -- i figured out - these are the same people that take an hour to decide their food in a resturant. All nice people that gave me a moment to hopefully influence them.

    It was easy to say "Ok, i bet, you really do not like Bush and the way our country is going - and firmly against the war - yet, you have your reservations about Kerry - mainly his wishy-washy record in the Senate."

    Almost all would chuckle and reply "Yes, how did you know." Well - i played on it a bit and said "Well, that WAS how i felt - but i now strongly believe a vote for Kerry is a vote for change, and thats why im here now on a beautiful fall day calling you."

    These people will most likely go to the poll and pull the trigger for Kerry. We hope !!!

    One more day !!!!!

    it made me very happy to wake up to this information ::

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    Re: Get Out The Vote!

    Let me guess: plantar fasciitis, right?

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    Re: Get Out The Vote!

    Well... I took Tuesday off and canvassed, phone and checked the numbers at the polls. At the end of the day I observed the poll closing and took down the totals for the local precinct. The Republicans had no competing effort, from what I could tell.

    The thing that surprised me the most is that about 15% of the ballots cast in Washington State's 900 and 905 districts were provisional. I spoke with one person (not at the polling place) who said she kept intending to mark her absentee ballot and then moved it so many times it got lost. Something that the poll inspector said gave me the impression that this wasn't uncommon.

    Oh well, Bush gets another term. But I'm proud to say that my state went for Kerry. Republicans have done well at the state level, though there are many provisional ballots left to be counted.

    All the best to those US citizens who voted, encouraged others to vote and volunteered at the polls.


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