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Topic: Installation problem with XP

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    Installation problem with XP

    I need help on an interesting problem.

    I have been using Windows ME with my GS160 for eons without problem. I have been putting off upgrading to XP.

    Now that I've got a new PC (with XP), I need to reinstall everything. The problem is that I have GS1.6 and GS160 upgrade. GS1.6 does not install on XP. I can't install GS160 unless GS1.6 is first installed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Installation problem with XP

    Please do not be mad at me for this advise. Call Tascam on the phone, with your CD keys available, tell them your situation and they will help. Do not e-mail their support system, you can wait for ever for a reply..


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    Re: Installation problem with XP

    I know the email support problem first hand. Hence my posting here. Calling is a problem for me - I live at the opposite side of the globe. I really don't want to call in the middle of the night.

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    Re: Installation problem with XP


    Can you not just download and install GS160 Version 2.54.00? The Tascam website says it is a "full" version.


    I had a similar situation over one year ago. I had a boxed GS160 version that was "pre 2.0" so I couldn't install it on Win XP. At that time, I either called them or sent them an email explaining my situation. I gave them my CD-Key and they gave me a "dowload code" that allowed me to download, then run 2.50.

    I would just try to download v2.54.00 and install it.

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