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Topic: Joe Satriani at House of Blues

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    Joe Satriani at House of Blues

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    I know it may be considered cheesey but for my Birthday this past Friday night, My wife and I got tickets to Joe Satriani at the house of Blues.
    I'm a classical pianist and now film mixer but there was a time in my life in high school where Surfing with the Alien was at it's height and I was enthralled.
    His concert was about 2 hours and I was embarrased that I acutally knew words to some of his songs.
    amazing playing. In know some say he just masturbates the fret borad, but my wife who is an amatuer cellist was amazed as well.


    Jonathan Parham

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    Re: Joe Satriani at House of Blues

    yeah, "Satch boogie" is still one of my favourite guitar piece.


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    Re: Joe Satriani at House of Blues

    yeah. From the Surfing with the Alien album, Satch bookie is the bomb. That was the only song I wish he played.
    Surfing with the Alien was an encore.
    Very diverse crowd as well. many grey haired types as well as young piereced peiople.


    Jonathan Parham

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