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Topic: Help a finger calloussed guitarist.

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    Help a finger calloussed guitarist.

    Hello everyone, can't believe some of the talent in here, outstanding! I've been lurking, and reading for a while now.

    I'm new to sampling, midi, and using my 'puter for music. But, I'm not new to plugging my Music Man into an AC30 and entertaining a crowd of happy drunks, in those beautiful drinking dens where it don't matter what foot you kick with, team you support, ahh, you know the place I mean.

    Anyhoo, onward. I recently made the switch from being a hard core Windows user to the aesthetically pleasing & sounding world of Mac, got me a G5.

    With it came Garageband, bloody great piece of software, lets me workout nice little riffs and stuff, lots of fun.

    I stumbled across EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver & was blown away from the sound. I still can't believe it.

    Well, not being able to tell the difference from a VSL, GPO, DAW, a Kontakt from a Kompakt, a Giga from a Roland, and so on. I've been thinking of buying Logic 7 but need a little advice as to if I am even looking in the right direction.

    If I get Logic 7 can I use, for example, Ilio's World Winds & EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver? (blimey all the previous for that!) Or, do I need to be buying other stuff on top of that?

    Any links or advice thrown my way, into this new world of sound would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy pickin', mixn', composin',


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    Re: Help a finger calloussed guitarist.

    hey prot,

    I'm sure you're going to get many different opinions posted here, but here's mine (since you asked)...

    If you're on a mac (which you are), especially a G5, I think Logic 7 is the way to go. There is so much under the hood in that program, you could very well be working for a very long time before going outside the program.

    The fact that Logic is now Apple (has been for a couple of years now), pretty much insures stuff is going to work. Anyone who has spent a lot of their time trying to configure their computer to play nice with their software can definitely appreciate that aspect.

    Logic's EXS24 sampler will be able to convert the Akai version of World Winds (I know, I have it), as well as any giga libraries. I don't have EWSO Silver, but I believe it is working well now in Logic. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

    If you do decide to go with Logic, I highly recommend joining and hanging out at Sonikmatter, a dedicated Logic forum, as well as here, of course!

    Good luck... you're going to have a lot of fun!

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    Re: Help a finger calloussed guitarist.

    I personally would not use Logic (but then, I'm a die-hard Digital Performer weenie, and have never gotten comfortable with any other sequencer front end.) But for a serious beginner (Garage Band should be fine for amateur work, but if you're a pro, or want to be, you'll probably need to step up to a professional app.) Despite my endorsement of DP4, I have to agree with the suggestion to use Logic 7. Because Apple owns it, it's more likely to stay around, and has a much better chance of working when new OS updates are released. It's certainly powerful enough, and you won't be making a mistake to go this way.

    Good luck with your music.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Help a finger calloussed guitarist.

    Thanks folks. I managed to find a pdf on Logic 7 as well and that helped a great deal as well. The sonikmatter link has also proved to have some great pieces of information.

    Thanks again.

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