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Topic: Digital Crackling with 002R, CoreAudio &Logic

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    Digital Crackling with 002R, CoreAudio &Logic


    I've been expierencing Digital Crackling noises, like out of sync clock distortion when I use my 002R and Logic 7 Using CoreAudio 6.5.2. This is happening in 2 different systems with identical machines. (G5 2.0 Ghz / 5.5 Gb RAM, 002R and Logic 6.4 or Logic 7.

    To fix it, I have to restart the 002R. Is there anybody else with this problem?



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    Re: Digital Crackling with 002R, CoreAudio &Logic

    Hi dbetanc,
    yes, sometimes crackles can be caused by wrong synchronisation settings.
    You might want to check again the correct master slave configuration of your DAW and the Yamaha 02R.

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