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Topic: A true classic!

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    Talking A true classic!

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    Yes indeed!

    Even while endless waiting in an airport in Europe, it made us laugh out loud!

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    Re: A true classic!

    Why do you not take your own advice and actually think about it?

    What kind of truth do you troll for, anyway? Just curious.

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    Re: A true classic!

    What's wrong with that picture? Kerry would be a fool to not go after the African-American vote given how Bush has "shafted" them.

    Also, it is a GOOD thing that Kerry is making you laugh, since you should be crying about all the damage that Bush has inflicted on the world.

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    Re: A true classic!

    So it's the big day for you guys tomorrow then?

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    Re: A true classic!

    Kerry in a church with a black man is funny? Sorry if I don't get the joke.

    Now this is funny...

    And here's the film of Mr. Angry Pants himself:

    Yep. Bush has changed the tone in Washington.


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    Re: A true classic!

    Fu**in´ great movie clip.

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