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Topic: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

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    stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    i would like to load one instance of stylus and have 8 arrange window trakcs. and drag and drop different elements onto the tracks....like in the drag and drop tutorial. however i cannot make this happen. can someone walk me through it. thanks.

    heres what i did:
    loaded rmx into the input of an audio instrument (multi version)
    created a multi instrument and patched it to that audio instrument
    enabled 8 channels on that multi
    dragged that multi on to my arrange window it made 8 new tracks.
    i then in rmx went to mixer and loaded grooves onto track 1 & 2.
    i dragged and dropped the correspoonding midi files onto mult 1 and multi 2 (in arrange)
    press play....and nothing.

    please help. thakns

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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    Your audio instrument must have its "midi Chann" set on "all"

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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    it is.

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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    now i just upgraded to 6.4.3 and now i dont even get stylus as an option in my multi plugin list. its there in my stereo list.
    what happened to it?
    and yes i reinstalled the new AU update 1.05 from stylus.


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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    To have 8 channels of RMX, you don't need to load the "multi channel" version.
    No muti outs available on Logic 7 either. I think they took it out of version 1.05 because it was simply not woorking.

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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    im running logic 6.4.3 and stylus 1.0 and the multi works.

    how else could i run 8 channels of stylus (one instance) in logic? i want to arrange the 8 channels though in the arrange.


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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    Just follow the steps given by locash but instead of plugging in the Multi Audio version of Stylus, select the Stereo Stylus RMX pluggin (his 1st line).
    All the other steps are exactly the same.

    A plugin doesn't need to have Multi Audio outputs to play several MIDI channels. And you can play all MIDI channels in the same RMX instance beautifully.


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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    ah cool. i didnt know that. i thought you needed a multi plugin to do a multi instruemnt.
    btw i am locash.

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    Re: stylus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    oops... I just noticed that
    No need to say I was very tired and did not pay attention to the similitude of the author's name.
    So I'm sure it was even easier for you to understand my post as you just had to reread your own post

    I wish I will pay more attention in my work today

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    Re: stulus rmx multi in logic pro 6.4.2?

    well I followed the instructions and still ended up with nothing. naturally watching the video demo on line this was the feature that was most appealing and I have yet to make it work.

    could someone elaborate on the instructions a bit or has something changed since logic 7

    i really want to make this happen

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