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Topic: There must be an easy answer....

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    There must be an easy answer....

    .... but I didn't see it in the manual.

    I just purchased Gigastudio 3 and installed it today. It came with another 5 DVD's that contain, as near as I can tell, a very abbreviated version of many popular instrument libraries. What I couldn't find out is how to install these libraries to my "D" drive (given that GS3 is on my C drive.) I was able to install the gigapianos that were on the first DVD, but I am not sure how to install the remaining 5 DVD's. Or, then again, how do I install the Kirk Hunter solo string libraries that I just purchased on promotion.

    There must be an easy answer, but there are no instructions in the manual (or point out the page if you know.)

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Arrow Re: There must be an easy answer....

    Hi David.

    You should just be able to copy the files from the DVDs directly onto your D: drive (i.e. no explicit "installing" necessary). Then just get GigaStudio to find these .gigs by pointing the QuickSound database to wherever you put them. Some people have had trouble with files not being recognised at times (usually version 2 conversions and performances not loading properly), but I don't think that's your problem(?)

    Hope this answers your question.


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    Re: There must be an easy answer....

    Thanks, that's what I thought. It's too bad the program doesn't have the prompts to have one do it all at once and smoothly. When I load my new upgrade version of Finale each year it brings me though each step very explicitly, including the loading of the exercises.


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