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Topic: I'm growing fond of Overture

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    I'm growing fond of Overture

    Hi. I really like what I've seen so far of Overture SE 3.6., although I've only used it for a few days. I own a lower end version of Finale and messed with the demo of Sibelius and frankly I like both of them, too. Overture seems to be a much more robust overall package when you add in the midi capabilities and such, but since Finale and Sibelius are the two biggies I wonder if I'm overlooking something. Does Finale or Sibelius have any compelling features that the full version of Overture doesn't? Printing quality/capabilities are not important to me. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Wink Re: I'm growing fond of Overture

    Since you asked for 'any feedback' I'll give you some that may not be very suitable to your purposes, but may help other's out there 'looking'.

    To my mind, whenever you make a sizeable purchase, you are making an investment not only in the product itself, but in the company as well. The larger the purchase, the greater the investment in both. Especially when you're dealing with software...nobody wants to make a purchase that's 'orphaned' due to insufficient demand. So the fact that Overture is small (or smaller, anyhow), is a concern. But, from my perspective, the benefit that clearly overwhelms this concern is the fact that the owner/programmer (Don...I don't know his last name), is incredibly attuned (so to speak!) to the needs/desires of his customers:

    If you need help, he's right there. And I mean right there, no questions asked (to the limits of his ability, of course).

    If you want the program changed to suit your needs, make a (reasonable) request. Again, he's right there, on the money. See how quickly Sib/Fin will do that.

    If playback is a priority (and I understand that its not for some people), then stick with Overture. Combined with GPO, Overture makes composing a true and utter pleasure.

    If increasing playback functionality is a priority (and if simple 'playback' is a priority, why wouldn't it be?) then stick with Oveture...go check out his forums and you'll see precisely the direction the software is heading.

    I know Don is ansty about letting features out 'before their time', so I won't either, but clearly the man understands the power of combining great playback with beautiful notation...and that's where he's taking the company/software.

    Finally, if you like what Gary is doing with GPO, then you should take Overture's inclusion as a sign of his approval. I won't put words in Gary's mouth, but clearly he likes it (and Don) enough to include it along with his software.

    Just one (very committed and passionate) artist's opinion!

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    Re: I'm growing fond of Overture

    Playback is indeed a priority for me. You must be reading my mind since I forgot to mention it. I've been to the forum and Don does seem to be Johnny-on-the-spot with bug reports and customer requests. That's good enough for me. I'll stick with Overture then. Thankyou very much for the detailed feedback.

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