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Topic: My Pet Goat.

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    Exclamation My Pet Goat.

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    How does it feel to be on the same side as these guys?

    John Kerry, Michael Moore and even some developers here, all try and wax eloquent about how bush sat there during the first 7 minutes of the WTC slaughter.


    Lurch sat there, frozen for FOURTY MINUTES – FROZEN IN FEAR in the US Senate at the exact moment in time as Bush was reading My Pet Terrorist. HE has stated this in HIS OWN WORDS!

    Since this happened on KERRY’S WATCH as well shouldn’t he blamed too? The Senators actually MAKE & WRITE law in this country. The President can not, making Lurch SITTING IN WASHINGTON DC IN THE SENATE BUILDING AT THE HELM even MORE responsible.

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    Re: My Pet Goat.

    Kerry is not on bin Laden's side. Period.

    This is malicious slander, and should be retracted.


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    Re: My Pet Goat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Think_About_It

    Since this happened on KERRY’S WATCH as well shouldn’t he blamed too? The Senators actually MAKE & WRITE law in this country. The President can not

    I think you need to enroll in a "Government 101" course to understand the roles and responsibilities of elected Federal officials.

    - Laws take a long time to create. Even if Kerry DID sit thinking about 9/11's impact for 40 minutes, that doesn't mean he, as a Senator from Massachusetts, had any real power that could have been used quickly. Are you stupid enough to think that Kerry should have spent that 40 minutes writing some type of law?

    - The President, on the other hand, has a tremendous amount of power that can wielded in a moment's notice. The President is Commander in Chief and has power to direct the military. The President can direct the FBI, the CIA, the U.S. Justice Department, the FAA, the FCC, etc., etc., etc. He could even order the military to blow up your house if he wanted (he wouldn't of course, but it illustrates the tremendous power that a President posseses).

    No one is blaming Bush for 9/11. However, his decision to continue to sit in an elementary school classroom after he first heard about the attack DOES make one ask the question whether Bush really SHOULD be President. As many Republicans will say privately "thank goodness that Cheney was around".

    Finally, your comments trying to associate Kerry and Osama Bin Laden are just WRONG. Idiots like you help to give America a bad reputation in the world.

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    Re: My Pet Goat.

    I blame Bush for 9/11.

    He received a warning that terrorists were planning to highjack US planes and use them as bombs. He did nothing. He could have notified the FAA and the airlines to greatly increase securuity measures. He instead stayed on his ranch for his month-long vacation.

    He is guilty of gross negligence. He bears direct blame.

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    Re: My Pet Goat.

    TAI is an idiot. Ignore him.

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    Angry Re: My Pet Goat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Think_About_It

    How does it feel to be on the same side as these guys?
    You tell us....


    P.S. Stupra fascino volanti torum pistrinum provolventem.
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Wink Re: My Pet Goat.

    Ok, Me and "Mr. O" sat down last night and he said: "Any state that does not toy with me (Osma) and votes for Kerry will have security." Then went on and on and started bashing Bush, exactly like those on the left.

    Sicut Pactum Paro Bellum

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    Re: My Pet Goat.

    So, you're telling us that we should vote according to what bin Laden says?

    I won't give bin Laden any power over my life. I refuse to be terrorized.

    Now consider that Kerry has been saying that we need to "capture or kill the terrorists" many times a day for weeks on end. He has been lambasting Bush for not focussing the efforts of the US military on capturing or killing bin Laden. He has never uttered a single possitive word about bin Laden.

    And you want us to believe that Kerry and bin Laden are on the same side?

    They are not. Period.

    You should withdraw your lie.


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    Re: My Pet Goat.

    TIA, do you troll with idiotic comments like the ones that opened this thread when you're not behind a computer screen? If so, I can't imagine you'd have any friends.

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    Angry Re: My Pet Goat.

    I WISH I could hide behind a computer all day. Here's the thing that makes my blood run cold; Bin Laden is saying and making the exact sort of talking points that Michael Moore (etc.) are making and so are some of you and it's wrong guys, it really is.

    The pet goat thing with the service on 911 - I have personal knowledge of what takes place in these situations - you can make jokes, claim it's a construct & it's made up but my work takes me many places and I have many many friends, some of which let me use their studios, editors, cameras, servers, sat-ponders, sat phones, megaamped mic's on people, intel etc... as well as my own gear, when I'm remote, and I see things that you don't.

    When I hear the same points made from OBL that I hear in a campaign it makes me furious. Is Kerry's campaign the only one? NO! Bush's people spin too and I hate it, but it's not the SAME EXACT thing the tyrants are saying.

    I have had people lost in the situation with Iraq (and to ME it's all the same battle, war, bellum as Afghanistan - spelling on a BlackBerry so SUE me) anyway, and will lose more.

    Let me repeat that: the work I'm in and the people I know COULD be dead in the next week, month, year. And we see things and edit things and research things that can NOT be repeated. And then as a musician/a composer of which I also am one, I come here over the last year & a half see MANY postings that contratdicts FACTS and things I have personally EYE witnessed.

    I do NOT think Richard or Jon or Nick B (Nick P - well that's ANOTHER story) are like OBL - I don't. But when many MANY words and phrases and positions are echo'd by same it drives me and all my firends up the wall.

    BTW I am not beyond apologizing to anyone I offended. I am both sorry and consterned it stirred *something*. As I stated before - I don't know any of you. I can only try and be brief, funny and EFFECTIVE with what you & yours say & by positions you take - NOT by whom you are. Unlike reply's with people banging on my spelling and personal comments - sheesh - I too have stooped - and it looks bad on me.

    I have been offended here many times! Nasty personal assaults & PM's and I take it in stride.But Crucifixes in the shape of vibrators! DO YOU THINK THAT'S ACCEPTABLE?!? I'm a Christian and am SERIOUSLY pissed!

    I hope Kerry wins. I do sooooo bad! It's really REALLY REEEEEEEALLY close (no landslide here). Then there'll be a fresh new target for the world's hate. You say BUSH started it!! HOW many people where killed in the 90's?!?! Further then all the problems will be on Kerry. And I'll be here - YES that's correct. I'll congratulate all those (all 99.99999% of you) that voted for Kerry like a gentlemen.

    But then the world HAS to be our lover and get "REEEAL Nice Like" - and French kiss us EVERYDAY - INSTANTLY! Germany, France, N. Korea, Iran - oohohhhooo - yes, Iran, all of them! When they don't - it's going to get reeeeeal rough for Lurch.

    Every job had BETTER return INSTANTLY - instead of 94.7% EMPLOYED IT BETTER BE 100% AND THEN SOME!! Because the endless bantering & banging & banging will begin. There had better be not ONE instance of death in Israel or Iraq or HERE, oohhoohohhhoo GOD FORBID!

    There better not be not ONE death due to terror - OR ELSE WHO ARE YOU GUYS GONNA BLAME?

    I'm tired now. SUPER JET LAG & BB keys are too small. You may now make light of my spelling and syntax, I'll be zzzzzzzzzzzzzz for the day - YES I already voted.

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