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Topic: My kingdom for a harmonic!!!

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    My kingdom for a harmonic!!!

    Gosh, I’m rather desperate for some cello harmonics. I only need them for about 10 notes, but unfortunately they will be exposed with nothing else going on. I guess that GOS has some harmonics, but I have the lithe, less filling version and at this time can't really afford the full version.

    Does anyone have any workarounds, perhaps layers of instruments or something that will give a close resemblance to cello harmonics? That’s a real dumb question since the harmonics are so simple and pure sounding and layering certainly won't give that. But I'm desperate. Perhaps some EQ that might rob parts of an instrument’s tone to simulate them.

    By the way, my kingdom isn't very big but a case of beer would certainly be in order for the best solution.

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    Re: My kingdom for a harmonic!!!

    Karl, send Gary an email, he may be able to hook you up with just the harmonics. They're seperate patches I'm sure, so this wouldn't be that big a deal.

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    Re: My kingdom for a harmonic!!!

    Thanks Joseph,

    That's a good idea. I hate to bother him with such little things, but I might just do that.


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