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Topic: Eric or any spectrasonics person...a request

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    Eric or any spectrasonics person...a request

    I got RMX this week and I absolutely love it. Especially the ability to convert rex files into the SAGE stuff RMX can use. One problem. I have a lot of rex files in reason refills (.rfl) and I can not get them out of the rfl file to get access to the rex files within.

    It would be great if someone could try to program the SAGE converter to allow it to read .rfl files and be able to extract the rex files from within. I guess this might require some reverse engineering of the .rfl file. But...I have a bunch of rex files sitting there which will apparently have to be used only within Reason for now. I would love to have the powerful features of RMX control these rex files (especially chaos).

    (I know I can export them all to an audio file...re-cut them up in something like Recycle...then save the resulting rex file from recycle...then import them). But with the hundreds of rex files in refill libraries like Wired and Trance...it seems like a lot of work to get a rex file when in reality it is already in that rex format just sitting there...unable to simply be read from the rfl file.
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    Re: Eric or any spectrasonics person...a request

    From what I understand RMX is not aiming at loading Reason's refills. You will need to export your files as audio files, then convert them into REX files through recycle.

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    Re: Eric or any spectrasonics person...a request

    Yeah...this is not possible, because the refills are encripted by Propellerheads.

    Ask the developers of those refills for the REX File versions....many make them available separately.


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