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Topic: Dreamy Question

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    Dreamy Question

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    this is probably old hat, but do you people make connections that happen in your waking life with your dreams. The reason i am asking this most of the time my dreams make no sense, but lately i have made a definite connection.

    The connection i have made in my circumstance is that when ever i fail to confront something that i have been avoiding for years i have the same re-occuring dream without fail i dream someone is being killed.

    Have you any dream stories to tell?

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    Re: Dreamy Question

    Plenty, but Bunny wants attention and my tent needs to be fixed. I'll answer later.

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    Talking Re: Dreamy Question

    well charles freud here, this would be a great opportunity to see if there are any reoccuring dreams amongst muscians here at Northern Sounds. So give us some insights into your dreams dudes

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    Re: Dreamy Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    O.K. Charlie Freud, I'll weigh in here:

    I have a recurring dream where I wander through a big, old house encountering people that I may or may not know. There are many rooms, hallways, doors, stairways.

    But after all this, it boils down to having to clean up and pack all my possessions for an impending trip to the airport. There is a deadline to leave, and the basic feeling is FRUSTRATION for not getting things together to make the flight.

    Anyone else have a similar dream?

    but can you make any associations with this dream and your normal life when you are awake, is there something specific that occurs in your day when you have this dream?

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    Re: Dreamy Question

    Quote Originally Posted by charles

    Have you any dream stories to tell?

    Yes, but I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

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