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Topic: Going to war for GPO's honor

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    Angry Going to war for GPO's honor

    I've recently gotten into an arguement with someone over the quality of GPO. I recommended it to some people on a forum, and he came in and said that GPO was "crappy", and I didn't like that the fact that he insulted Gary and Tom's hard work in such a way. So I started arguing with him, and in the end came to the conclusion that 1) I don't like him (though I pretty much already new that) and 2) he is retarded (in my personal opinion). I know that this is a little of topic, but it just annoys me when someone bashes such a wonderful product like this.

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    Usually they do it for no reason. Some people are like that. There's nothing to be done about it. People are the same the world over. Just like me getting attacked for no reason tonight. Eh, what do you do?

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    There's lots of idiots on the net. Garritan and his products are first rate.

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    You got attacked tonight Joseph? What happened?

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    Eh, its in the sewers, I mean, Off Topic area. Said I don't know music theory or notation. It's done though, I'm over it I guess. I just got used to how nice everyone is here. That ought to teach me not to leave Gary's forum, huh?

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    Sorry to hear that. Leave the confines of Garritan's forum at your own peril. It's a nasty world out there!

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    Yeah, this is one of the few forums I've been to were everyone is nice. A lot of times in forums things just end up turning into flame wars. Usually not good times at all.

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    I think the reason it seems so nice is that we're not talking about religion or politics. Luckily, there's another place for that on this forum, so there's no reason to worry about it. But if we all started talking about that stuff, people might get offended when their views are attacked.
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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    It's possible. But in some of the other forums I visit, people will just post stupid crap and/or make fun and insult people for pretty much no other reason than they feel like it.

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    Re: Going to war for GPO's honor

    The net is increasingly becoming like this. Maybe I'm imagining things.

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