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Topic: Stylus RMX - Problem with Edit Group and Master Filter

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    Stylus RMX - Problem with Edit Group and Master Filter

    I have a problem with Edit Group and Master Filter.

    1. Load a Part - ex. "50-Timeless a" from Classic Stylus
    2. Play with the Master Filter faders ( Tone and Emph )

    No problem - working fine - about 6% CPU used

    3. Now make a Edit Group - ex. "Assign Downbeats"
    4. Select this Group and try playing with the Master Filter faders.

    Now I have big problems - the CPU jumps up and down and into the red and the sound get cut into pieces (hick up)

    If I use the Power Filter - then I have no problem.
    This is a little strange - because the Power Filter should use much more CPU than the Master Filter.

    And what's really funny is that if I use the Power Filter and then on top on that use the Master Filter then there is no problem.

    My PC = Pentium IV 1.6 Gb - 1024 Ram - Cubase SX3

    All the best

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Problem with Edit Group and Master Filter

    Hi Bo Clausen,

    I have glitching issues too with Stylus RMX. I'm also using Cubase SX version 3 on a Windows PC (Windows Home Edition, 1 GB RAM, 3 GHz P4, sound card is an Echo Mia MIDI). I find that RMX can be play absolutely fine and I'm editing away happily, but then I'll make a change that starts the glitching (at its worst, every few beats); increasing the latency does not help. At the moment I just clear the part the change was made in. I've emailed Spectrasonics a few multis that display the problem, but I don't know whether it's my system or the plug-in that needs a good talking to :-)

    EDIT: I'm using RMX version 1.0.5


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    Re: Stylus RMX - Problem with Edit Group and Master Filter

    Sounds like P4 denorm issues. These are notoriously tricky to nail down, because everyone's systems are different and seem to exhibit different issues. For instance, all our P4s here aren't having these kinds of problems.

    The best bet is to send these multis and ALL of your system and RMX info to support@spectrasonics.net and that will greatly help us track down what's going on with your particular system.



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