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Topic: Loop-based drum library

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    Loop-based drum library

    Hi, I'm looking for a loop-based drum library that permits me to create realistic drum tracks with the possibility to combine the loop and create a lot of variations for different kind of music (from pop to metal).
    Is there any library you could suggest me?
    Thank you!


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    Re: Loop-based drum library

    Mauricio Franco Martínez
    email: maufranco(at)gmail.com
    cel: 300 801 5987
    Cartagena, Colombia.

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    Re: Loop-based drum library

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    Re: Loop-based drum library

    Discrete Drums

    This months issue of EQ magazine did a feature on the 4th volume to be released in the next month or two. It will lean heavily towards metal and hard rock. The other libraries focus more on pop, rock and "world" grooves.

    I highly recommend these. I use them almost exclusively for "real" drum grooves. If you were to only get one, I would recommend volume 2.

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